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Monday, May 18, 2009

Basic planting - How to plant / replant

Few of my friends ask me how do I plant, instead some verbal tips, hope this step by step pic. helps for better understanding:

First - keep aside all the necessary stuff:

a) flower pot.
b) composite (eg: dry leaves, organic material)
c) Soil
d) Tools - hole maker, spade,
e) Fertiliser
f) A plastic sheet at the bottom to collect all the loose soil and place them later once you are done.

Place the dry leaves or any composite material inside the pot.
(1/5 to 1/3 of the pot side is considered sufficient)

Some gardeners place broken pottery or gravel underneath before filling up with soil.
The problem occurs when the pot becomes too heavy when its intended to use as a hanging basket.

Others fully place soil without putting anything inside.
The problem is when one waters this - the whole soil flushes out from the tiny holes
and may eventually block the flow of drainage later.
The best is to have a good mix of soil and a good drainage..
(it depends for what type of plants to require)

Put in the soil
(1/2 ammount of the total capacity of soil in the pot)

fill up evenly on the top.

Put in 2 table spoon of fertiliser.
Only use organic fertiliser - check with the store for the type of fertiliser that doesn't damage the plant if its overly used.

This one is a goat manuer.
I place the fertiliser inside a bottle.
Never leave the opened fertiliser inside the plastic bag. Chances are the fertiliser may turn bad.

The non-organic ones really required to be air tight.
I had experienced when moisture made the whole granule to melt and become unfit for use.
And I have to throw the whole bag away.. (what a waste due to my ignorance)

evenly spread the fertiliser on the soil

Top of all the remaining soil fully and add another spoonful of fertiliser

I have taken this shots in the night and using flash.
So the quality is not so good..

anyway, I just wanted to keep this as it may help many of my friends
who often ask me how to plant..

(Hope this helps and be as informative as possible)

Choose a plant to plant..

I chose this to replant:
This is the begonia (Rex Begonia - if Im not wrong)

Its quite in a bad shape - sun burned.
Hope it survive and thrive after replanting.

(I don't mind the condition of the plant)
I have this passion to rescue and make a plant get better when it comes to my hand.

Poke a hole using a tool.
In this case, I use an old broken chopstick, alternative I use an old screwdriver.

Never in any case, force the plant into a pot without making a hole using a tool.
Chances are the branch may snap and cause rotting..

And another thing, some prefer to push the soil using a finger..
(I prefer not get my nails dirty with soils underneath them)

(hole made)

A generous space (hole) to put the plant in.
Later close it up pressing the soil by the sides

Final work done.
Enough space around for the plant to grow.

I will take another few picture after few weeks..
See how the progress so far..

There are so many ways and styles to planting..
I guess it can vary for different gardeners.

Some plants may require to place them in water in days for rooting before planting.
Others (cactus) require for their stem to dry up before planting.
Some are easy and some are difficult.. its always trial and error until one develop a successful technic to maximise growth and lushfulness in gardening.

Do ask me any queries if you have problems in the planting
(pls use comment box)

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