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Monday, April 27, 2009

Water Lettuce - Pistia Stratiotes

O Ring of Green Roses
Florettes of floating oasis
Elegant swans of poise and serenity
between water and sky
a city of Emerald,
where fairies dwell..

This is my many stages of water lettuce.
There was a period where all my water lettuce turned yellow & died.

Sort of a kind of virus or something.
Then later, they seemed to thrive more & more.
Hard keeping them in control as not to pollute the water or overcrowded.

Need good sun but not necessary direct sun.
Don't do well indoors.
You will know by the florette.
If its too flat, light green or turning yellow - not enough sun (or light)
The best is when dark green and rose shaped.


  1. nice water lettuce man, where can i get this plant around kl? any idea?

  2. Hi, you can check out around Pasar Road area where there are few aquarium shops, alternatively you can also check in some nurseries where they sell waterplants - you can also get it in Sungai Buloh where they sell lots & lots of plants in that area.

  3. I just checked out your water lettuce pictures! They're magical. I'm going to start a very small terrarium and I've read about using these plants; water lettuce, taro, water hyacinth, duck weed, fairy moss. Do you have any suggestions about the plants I ought to use or how I should care for them? The vessel is only about the size of a small fish bowl.
    Naomi, RI

  4. Naomi,
    Water lettuce is great if place them in semi-sun or full sun but they don't do well at all indoors or full shade.
    And you cannot mix water lettuce with others if you are planning to keep them in a small bowl.
    If the water lettuce suffers, it will start to shed all of its roots and pollute the water.
    they are very hardy and they will tend to put lots of runners and you have to maintain them by removing most of the plantlets.
    Good luck!

  5. hello Mr. james,

    you water lettuce are so beautiful, i had a good collection while i was in india, but i cant find any here in Dubai though i very badly want some here. Also please advise if they can sutvive on plain water if i bring them here ??



  6. Reena - Water Lettuce can survive well in plain water but they need good sunlight to semi-shaded light to thrive.
    When they lack good lighting - they tend to go light green to yellow and flatten the leaves instead of giving that dark green rosy glow.
    Good luck.

  7. Hi,

    do you know where to get water lettuce seedlings/plant in Selangor?


  8. hi CVS,
    Water lettuce is very common. Try to check with any nursery around your area. Even Aquarium Fish pet shops sells them.
    Or else do visit Sg. Buloh nursery area. You cannot miss the plant.

  9. water lettuce is very nice but isn't it a favorite breeding place for mosquito? i mean the water where it grows. .

    1. That's why it is important to have fish inside it to handle the mosquito from breeding.

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH. . .

    rica, philippines

  11. My puppies ate the plant until the top part of the plant was gone. But with the roots intact I just left it back in the pot and all the leaves gre back :D

  12. I have the same plant in one container. I really enjoy them, but here in Texas they are actually never for sale at garden centers. They must be kept out of our lakes and streams at all times.
    Beautiful plant! :0) David

    1. Yes it is true.
      They had somehow invaded most of the ponds and river-beds around my region.
      Somehow nature finds its way to battle them when they become food for many fauna.

  13. wish I had done some research. I wanted just one for my tanks, indoors. There was a sale and the guy me 3 more for free. What am I to do with them all now that the dark indoors in killing them? I guess I will have to move them to jars on the window sill. It's a shame- my goldies loved to eat them and my betta was sleeping on the floating roots. But it would be worse if they rotted to pieces, and killed my fish.


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