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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pigeon Orchid - Dendrobium crumenatum

I got this orchid when I found a rotten tree trunk with a clump of orchid roots.
I manage to trim nicely and placed it inside an empty pot with dried leaves.
It did well without my care.
(pity the flowers lasted only a day, it dried up the next day)

Notes from Wikipedia:

A member of the family Orchidaceae,
Dendrobium crumenatum produces white, fragrant flowers with a yellow tinted throat.
The plant produces a fragrant smell, but only for two days.
From the side view, the orchid resemble a flying pigeon; that's how it's known commonly as the Pigeon Orchid. Other common names are Sparrow Orchid and Bag-shaped Dendrobium; "dove orchid" usually refers to the genus Peristeria, but sometimes to D. crumenatum.

A tropical epiphytic plant, this orchid is most common in Malaysia,
as well as in Singapore; found growing naturally on trees in the tropical forests.


  1. Hi! Your Pidgeon Orchids are lovely! How have you grown them so well? Do you use charcoal or some orchid potting mix? I read that wild orchids are notoriously hard to grow and some are rather slow-growing. There's plenty in Singapore and I'm very tempted to take some to plant at home too! ;)

    Alfredo; Singapore

  2. Alfred
    Pigeon Orchids are very easy to grow, you can place them in a pot and arrange the chacoal in such a way that when you water, the water drains out well without stagnant.
    Eventually it will sustain well once the roots are established.
    This is my first orchid trial experiment before getting any others.
    The only time orchid dies is when they are over-watered - this type may get their bulbs rotting when they receive too much water.

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  4. Hi

    Just found this article. Very glad.

    I just received couple vine of this orchid with roots!

    Is it possible to mount them on the grapevine wreath with spahgnum moss laced with spanish moss for humidity ?

    Also if i pot in the pot, can i use just lava rock or Leca hydrotron for drainage and nothing else?

    You use just charcoal only ?

    Thank you

    Usa, U.S.A

    1. Yes, you can try..
      There are so many different types of varieties of orchids.
      Some are hardy and some are not..
      Some you can do what you suggested..
      And some needs specific care.

      You may have to identify the species and plant it accordingly.

      When you mentioned vine?
      Does it have aerial roots?

    2. If it is Pigeon Orchid
      Yes - you can do so and make have to keep it moist by spraying water on it until it established it's roots on the medium

  5. Thank you very much. It has developed so much roots. Now it is winter i US. Just wondering if I should continue watering it ? Does it need winter rest ? Or span the watering. Thank you

    1. Are these orchids indoors in your place?
      You can lightly spray water on them as they can survive, do check as they can totally dry out if they don't receive any watering


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