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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jewel of Opar - Talinum Paniculatum

Jewel of Opar
What a wonderful name
I didn't know it until I had found it out accidentally in
google searching for another species names.
Truly this plant lived out for its name - a jewel no less.
Unlike what it had been said about this plant being an invasive,
I had not experienced such.
More likely, that if this plant is ignored, it might just get disappear from my garden..
such small frail plant, yet have a beautiful little blooms.
I propagate this plant using stem cutting rather than seeds.
(seeds - they are too tiny that ants might carry them away or a one time rain - it floods and washes off everything in one shower)
Notice the seed pods (red coloured) - there is about 10 black coined shaped seeds inside it.

Its been very challenging to take nice shots of this flower, somehow I can get enough from this jewel.

It just rained while I was taking this picture.


  1. Hi, i've just seen your blog, and I was wondering if you have seen any kind of butterflies around, specially eggs or caterpillars cause a friend has the same plant and she recently saw a weird "worm". Despite being into butterflies, i have no idea of which one could be this time in this species.

    loved your blog by the way!

    p.s: i'm from argentina

  2. Hello,
    I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the Jewel of Opal plants. I saw this plant for the first time last summer at a local garden center and had to take one home. I love the contrast of it's light greenish leaves. I took it inside for the winter and sprinkled a few of the dried flower orbs in the soil of another plant, and was excited when several new plants emerged. When large enough, I scooped them out and put them with my original plant into a larger pot. Currently it is outside enjoying the summer and has produced 5 flower stalks with the tiny pink flowers. I would recommend this plant for anyone wanting something unusual. I, too, plan to grow more of these little jewels!

  3. Thanks Glenda for your lovely comment.
    Just a word of caution - Its considered as an invasive plant so do check whether its permissible in your region in growing it freely.
    Some gardeners had hard time getting rid of this plant as the roots stay permenant on the ground and they keep coming back year after year.


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