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Monday, April 27, 2009

Heliconia & Costus

Orange and yellow flowered heliconia

Orange & red heliconia

yellow heliconia

This one is known as lobster claw.
It was growing thru my neigbour's custard apple tree.
Im sure he must be wondering what this plant doing in the midst of his tree.
I just waited for few flowers to bloom until l removed them from that location.
(the plant was actually growing from a pot - because of the support from the tree branches, the leaves managed to spring up more higher than the tree branches !!!)
It was a waste I didn't think of taking those pictures before removing the plant from there.

Known as Costus (spiral ginger)
something special about this species which I like is the spiral shaped stalk.

Costus flower
there is a white flower popping out of pine shaped bract.

These are the glory days of my heliconias. Wonderful when they flower, not so wonderful when they don't. I have to put up with the messy dry leaves and invasive stalks just popping everywhere. Somehow its just another phase of heliconia days which I enjoyed having them in my garden.
Right now, I have one of each species confined in medium size pots.
I noticed that they only flower on hot sunny season.
Eventually, I had removed all these invasive plants from there and cemented the whole area, easier excess for me to place my rubbish bin which slowly moving closer to the roadside.

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