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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dumb cane - Dieffenbachia

I got this varigated species. Someone had cut this plant and threw away at the roadside.
Actually it was end of August 2002 (just before my son was born)
It was one cane with bushy leaves.

Strangely this plant grew so tall and almost reached my ceiling (porch)
See below.

Tips to care this plant:

1) Need a lot of water, its a swamp plant. It can do without much water but it may not be very showy as it will go into a survival mode.

2) Good for shady area, direct sunlight may cause the leaves to turn light green and may have burn spots.

3) To propogate, cut the stem and place it in water for few days, the roots may appear and its ready for planting.

4) It need to be handle with care (Care is for me - not for the plant)
As the leaves gives rash & skin discomfort - if the sap or milk gets in contact with the skin.
That's how it got its name - anyone drink its poisonous sap will lose their voice.

These are the many branches that had stemed from the main stack.

This plant looks unattractive with too many ringed layed of dried leaves.

I had trimmed it short & replant it again in smaller plant.

You can have a look at it in (my little garden posting)
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