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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cactus Garden - 2005

Cactus Garden - Year 2005

There is a bit of history concerning my cactus garden.
I have been keeping them as my life timeline.

this succulent (top pic) didnt make it to the next year.
I was not sure what was the problem.
Probably not enough water or attention.
I got this from a friend (another gardener friend)
probably she is clearing her cactus garden...
(too many thorny plants are not a fav. plant for many people )
It was small branch, doing quite well in a medium size pot without much attention.
I had found this "towering cactus" on the roadside,
someone had chopped off and threw it away..
manage to collect it and carry it inside my motorbike basket.
And its was quite challenging not getting myself poked from this thory spikes.
(new growth appeared from all the tips of the cactus crown)
I have kept a collection of all the shells I had collected when I go to the beach
I had placed it here in racks.
Looks neat and very collective with my cactus collection.
I had taken for granted my panda plant (middle)
It had died once I transfered them in another pot separating all of them.
After few years, I had managed to save only one leaf and its going now
very very slowly.

I bought this succulent for RM10 for 3 small pots.
They were small as not more than 5 leaves in stack in a small pot.
These are real grown-up now.
The other green succulent is trailing downwards.
The whole thing is just one plant.
I dare not disturb it, in case it dies just like my panda plant.

My collection of mother of thousands.
Just starting off.. I had hard times keeping this plant alive,
until one day.. they all burst into a great number..
Grew everywhere and still look beautiful in my eyes.

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  1. I love your garden plants! I meet God in the Garden too!
    E. From California


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