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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black Flamingo - Chrysothemis Pulchella

Notice the whitefly infection..
Eventually the whole colony died together with these plants.

It got infested with whitefly and I had got rid all of them.
Right now, I only have two of this babies growing very slowly.
Didn't want to disturb them until they are matured enough to be transferred to a bigger pot.
I might restart growing this again...
probably in the next season with coleus..

Took me sometime to identify this plant name and its botanic name.
Somehow I manage to get it after few months (re-edited again)

1) The leaves will look healthy when placed in a shady area. When placed in direct sunlight the leaves arch upwards and may show signs of "sun burn" on the leaves.

2) The plant can be propagated using stem cutting. Also look out for the tuber. Chances are new shoots will appear from here but the plant may have weak rooting system as few shoots may appear from the same rhizome. It is best to remove and replant as it will give a good stem growth and it will quicken the plant to flower.

3) Lack of water may make the plant appear to wither but after immediate watering the plant may revive back. That plant may not recover if the watering is not done immediately after it shows the signs of withering. Chances are the whole plant may die.
The only way to save this plant is to cut the plant and place in the water for a day and replant them as stem cutting.

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