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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Aquatic plants

This is a bladderwort flower(yellow) , the whole plant submerged inside the pot.
Only the flower rises up.
This plant have some kind of pouch attached to the plant, sort of a carnivours plant, as it traps all the very fine and small water creatures inside it.
This is one of a waterlily flower, very small and fragile,
last only a day.

Pennywort & flower
Its known as "pegaga" local name.
My neighbour often ask me some of this plant for making salad with chilli paste.
(Ulam Pegaga dengan Sambal Belacan)
One of the expensive plant I come across, sold for RM12 for a small pot.

These are the aquatic plants which I had (close up shots)
Something to remember that I had planted and enjoyed having these plants.


  1. Hi, just dropin by to say one great site here! Im a fan of the hobby too. More power always online, you can be sure im tuning in to more of your updates. Cheers!

  2. Hi Jovir.
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Glad that you a fan of this hobby and thanks for following on my updates.


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