Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animals in my Garden

This is a beautiful female sunbird.
(look carefully at the lower flower)
Often these birds comes and visit my garden everyday.
For now all my heliconia had become dormant without flowers, they now visit my flame violet for nectar.

You won't believe it that this is the second time a hen came and ruined my hanging plants.
It had totally ripped off the plants and started laying eggs.
I had a "war with this chicken" with a broom and a beak.
and a hose with spraying water to discourage this chicken from coming back.
Still it didnt work, until I bring down this hanging pot and let this chicken have her eggs hatched.

such tame and playful.
She is carrying her babies, not sure when she is due..
(ehh.. not my cat.. not sure whose anyway)

(I cannot help thinking whether my garden is a nursery or what)
Anyway, she was lying down in the morning when I open the door.
took some morning pictures to remind my day that all lovely creatures are welcome.

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