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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Agloanema Red - Best Indoor Plants

I would like to introduce a New Series on Indoor Plants
and hope to come up with 10 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners.

It is fairly easy plant to grow and maintain.
Let me introduce this plant - Agloanema (the Red Version)

The species is the same as the green version known as Silver Queen or Chinese Evergreen.
This however is the red version which is a bit more sensitive and slow growing.
These are however more pricey and less hardy compared to green variety.

The characteristics of plant care and needs are very similar to dumbcane species.
I believe both are so inter-related that you can cross hybrid them together to create a new cultivar.


1) Absorbs Toxins from the Living Space:
According to NASA study,
this plant is capable of purifying air by removing some toxin element
such as formaldehyde and benzene from indoor environment.

These plants are great for toxic fume areas like car park zone and high traffic moment areas.

2) Extremely Care-Free Maintenance Plant
This plant can tolerate both low light & bright light areas.
Also you can neglect on the watering regime.
It can tolerate infrequent watering & also over-watering.



They are shade loving plant.
They can tolerate bright direct sunny area as they can tend to acclimate well but with strong casualty of burned or scorched leaves and in many instances giving the looks of being worn out under the sun.

For this reason, this plant is ideal for indoor plants.

They can do so well undisturbed indoor area of a home, office or resort areas to give that green cool ambiance setting.


This plant is considered hardy.
These types are more tolerant towards infrequent watering & also in conditions where the soil media had become dry & hardened. Any other plant would had shrivel and died.

These can stand the test of time lasting for years.


Propagation is very much successful using division from the root ball or stem cutting.
The stem can also easily root in water of which would be a better to plant them once the roots formation are established.

There are so many cultivars and variety been introduced year after year that it's just quite impossible to keep up with the collection.

4) PEST:

Do watch out for scale insect and mealy bugs. 
They can be such a menace if not checked and handled immediately 
as these pest can overwhelm the whole plant and stress the plant to death.

In most cases, the damage is so huge that it is better to discard the plant than trying to reviving it back with pesticide which requires strong and repetitive application. And often, the plant too dies even after the strong application of all these pesticide.

My suggestion:
Do take the trouble to check the plant time to time to deter and control the problem before it becomes a major problem.


These do not require pruning except trimming off the inflorescent so that the plant can focus on it's  general growth on the plant especially better root development and more foliage formation.

Trimming off the flowers helps them to focus the growth on other areas.

These are Araceae, from the aroids family.
Thus these flowers or they called it inflorescence called as spadix.
It's understood that it's not a true flower 
but the piece covering the flower is a modified leaf known as spathe (the leaf-like bract)

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