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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jewel of Opar - Talinum paniculatum

I seriously recommend this one to those who swear that their plants die in their garden. I will certainly congratulate you if you manage to "kill" this one.

I bet there are thousands out there who would love to get your "secret recipe" of the murder. You see - this one is understood as an obnoxious weed & terribly invasive. It has a huge carrot-like roots which are impossible to pull out by hand. Don't give any to your friends or they might not speak to you any more!

Ok. Ok..
I may have over-exaggerated. It doesn't happen like that in my region but I believe its a serious matter around the Southern United States where its considered as an invasive plant. That is once you get them in your garden, you will never succeed in getting rid of them. Such is the reputation of this lovely plant. Its drought resistant, heat tolerant and self-sow freely plant. (So, you don't have to worry about underwatering)

I have taken this picture in the morning. You will note that these tiny blooms only open during the evening - which is quite lovely actually (come to think about it) I really wonder where is this jewel actually represent (probably these globes) Do click on the label below for other detailed pictures of the plant.

One thing strange about this plant is: it didn't die on me but none of the seeds had actually sprouted or had any invasive characteristics in my garden. They all stayed put in all the places I had planted them. (Madagascar Periwinkle & Wishbone flowers seemed to be more invasive than these) They also do well both in sunny & shaded area which is a plus point in my garden.

I knew this plant way back before where its considered as a spinach but had not come across anyone who go all out in cooking it. Also identified as "Ginseng Jawa" by the locals but it is of a different cultivar (Talinum paniculatum Gaertn)

Somehow they do surprise me for even for these tiny flowers, they certainly capture my attention during the evenings. Those bright starry pink flowers are so cheerful looking that you do forget you day's care & chores and enjoy the moment.

Probably, that's why they call this a Jewel. It certainly gives me that effect in my garden.


Stephanie said...

I don't have this weed in my garden. Jewel of Opar sounds really good though. And I can imagine those seeds to look wonderful in the midst of your plants.

Weeds are lovely when they are small. But when they grow big like yellow woodsorrel, I have to pull them out... their roots get into the way of my plants.

Have a great week James!

Andrea said...

i laughed at your comment in my site James because of the Achuu, sneezing. You are excused, it has been going on here for a while, and we have dengue too. At least its dwindling now. That plant i am not familiar, but the berries look lovely. but since you said it is difficult to kill, then i wont try it anymore, haha.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Hi James

What a lovely little flower for a plant with such a dreadful reputation. I have a periwinkle growing in my garden which would take over if left to its own accord but it has a totally different flower to the type you have here. I must say that yours have a most impressive name aswell.

In answer to your question - it's the begining of winter here.

p3chandan said...

Havnt seen this weed before, the berries do look like colourful jewels!

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi, beautiful pictures.. here we have the same plant..

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I thought I have seen that plant before, but it doesn't seem to be invading the land. for plants to flower only in the evening, we do know that there are insects that live during the night to suck nectar. But vampires suck blood only yea?.. haha. ~bangchik

Jacqueline said...

I've never seen this weed before but it looks lovely nevertheless! Hmm...will look out to see whether we've this treasure in our garden now that you've introduce it here.
Have a great week ahead, my friend!

Wendy said...

It's so pretty! I love all the colors on one plant too!

Autumn Belle said...

I have never hear or seen this weed before, but it certainly has a nice name. How nice for a weed to be called a jewel!

James, regarding the Google Adsense, I will soon update my post and insert a link with 'How to do'. Meanwhile, do send me an email if you need more info.

James David said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
Appreciate it very much.

Malar said...

Weed with lovely name! The flowers look pretty too! You're daring enough to keep this weed thou! hahahaa...

Our Living Testimony said...

It took some time to dig this up, and I thank you for posting your pictures. I have the Jewel of Opar in my front garden, in Oregon, USA. It dies off each winter, and I thought I would never see it again for the first 2 years.
After the summer heat begins, it surprises me now for 4 years. Definitely not a weed in my garden. I delight in in very much, and was especially happy to see another plant sprouting this year.

James David said...

Glad that you like this plant.
Thanks for dropping by and comments.

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