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Friday, October 15, 2010

Plants that Died

I know for a fact that my Zinnia may not last very long but didn't expect them to give a beautiful flower before they bid farewell - actually only one plant manage to give me this glorious flower. And before I knew it - it had all dried up and gone.
That is the problem with annuals - they bloom all too quickly and gone before I can really enjoy them. Well, that's what they say - was here and gone with the wind...
Somehow, it reflects about life..

No matter how great a person may proclaim to be, they all are human and may one day have to leave this world and give an account of their lives to God.
So, its very important to live a life that is worthy in God's eyes that when He sees us - it will reflect a life that gives pleasure to Him.

My Donkey Tail plant had slowly and eventually faded away, I guess its the neglect rather than anything that caused this demise. Regardless, its a tough plant to handle keeping it in a tropical environment.

These are mint.
They too didn't last long, I didn't water them in a day and they all got fried-up with the scorching sun. Though I tried to revive them again by intensive care - they never recovered. And so - it was a bye-bye too for this one.
I missed the aroma of the mint leaves, they just rejuvenate the soul.
Did any of your garden plants had bid farewell in your garden recently?
Did you miss them?


Wendy said...

Too bad about these plants. That donkey tail was very cute.

This summer, some of my new perennials totally faded away, not sure if it's a typical thing for them.

But yeah, things die on a regular basis in my garden! :(

Andrea said...

Hahaha, James, they in the temperate countries experience more deaths than us because very few plants survive their winters! Those you have there are easy to grow, so they are very easily replaced. Malaysia is maybe hotter than us here, that'w what i noticed when i was in KL, but of course you are nearer to the equator than us. But i have a share of dead plants and they are more serious than yours, they are already fruiting trees and many of them died, many species. I wonder if you read my blog on them earlier. Even my orchids were not spared. BTW, i wonder what happened to your Epidendrum which you attached to the gate under the eaves, which i suggested that they need to have full sun, or else they will not be happy where they were!

One said...

Mine are blooming like crazy right now. But soon they will disappear too.

Stephanie said...

My mint was hit badly by the earlier prolonged rain... died! And some of plants infested with pests... they die slowly... Now that the sun is so hot... my plants are all surviving on my more frequent watering. Always keep fingers crossed... ;-)

Btw, that's a lovely zinnia. Glad to see those pretty blooms. Have a great weekend!

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

James how much space is there on these comment forms haaaaah Andrea is spot on we probably have more plant deaths here than you would and I could write quite a list of what died over last winter.

I would try that mint again - well worth it as those leaves can be so refreshing to smell. Shade is probably what you need to give some of those plants a helping hand plus use plastic pots rather than terracotta as mositure is lost through the pores of the clay.

Thanks for visiting me today

Autumn Belle said...

It is easier to accept annuals dying because that is already a fact of life. But can you guess? Cacti always dies under my care :(

The good side about zinnias is that they have a lot of seeds in their dried flower heads which I can scatter around my garden bed and sow them. I started with crimson red and now I am having some bright pink ones.

p3chandan said...

Well James we all have our fair share of dying plants even with tender loving care. Some of my plants rotted one by one during the onslaught of rain recently, now its dry hot blazing sun again and even with frequent watering, its better to move the plants in shady places for a while..Its nature's way to create new life, one gone, another will thrive..

Unknown said...

I have made many attempts to plant mint. Invariably after a short period where they flourish with much promise, they will quietly withered away.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi James, I think for the annuals although they eventually died, they still give us some suprise with self-seeded one. My zinnia died in autumn but I had a nice surprise in winter a few Zinnia self-seeded in our most sunny patch. Now here come spring and I find some more self-seeded Zinnia.

Malar said...

Few of my plants died too during the rainy season including my beautiful Adenium! ;-(
Anyway it's part of gardening life!

James David said...

Wendy - I missed the Donkey's Tail. They really look like the jellybean. I really don't know why it slowly died.

Andrea - Yes, I read about the plants which died in your blog. Hope you manage to get new ones to replace them. The orchids at the gate/fence get the best & the most sun in my garden. So far - they are growing wild but no blooms yet. Im banking in the fertiliser which I suppose to use 2 weeks ones - but at most times - I forgot even to do that.

One - good to know, do collect the seeds.

Stephanie & P3chandran - I guess the climate constantly changing causing havoc to our gardens.

Leavesnbloom - I guess its part & parcel of gardening. Thanks for the tip.

Belle - Yeah, I guess cacti too are becoming sensitive. Somehow you got your zinnia going - mine is over.

Elsie - I think I will just purchase a bunch of mint from a wetmarket for RM1 and enjoy the fragrance for awhile before I use them for garnishing. Putting them in a soil for a week and reusing them somehow gives them a vigour.
And yes, I often find them wither away after awhile.

Malay-Kadazan girl - Good to know that your zinnias regenerate itself. Thank you for dropping by.

Malar - It must be heart quenching to know a desert rose to die especially they are ever so slow growing and very expensive. Hope you manage to reposition them in a non-rainy areas as they tend to die when overwatering takes place.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

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