Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Welcome 2018

2017 was the most challenging year for me.
It was as hard as a garden turning into jungle,
I would say - it almost seemed to reflect my life,
the hardest moments when I almost felt like giving up everything..
But life like this in gardening are these..
Small little things that makes a difference.

And I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do with this patch of green.
I do need to trim off the yellow leaves time to time.

To cut & throw away? It's just too sad to get rid of it.
I want to give it away but who would want it?

If you would able to notice a patch of unarranged orchids hanging at the top side.
It was not re-arranged.
I managed to reset it finally in these few days.
Together with the lovely Water Melon Begonia that beautiful trailed itself all over but it had invaded the Earthstar Bromeliads and I had replant it all over again.
Still.. its much easier to handle this than all the mess it was much earlier.

I found that Maiden Hair Ferns don't do well anywhere else except here.
And so - I had found a spot for it.
Sitting very well at the drainside.

After removing all the heavy hangers of orchids, hoya, dischidias, ferns and stuff..
I have ample open space in that area and re-introduce Spanish Moss here.

What amazed me was that I only had a small clump of the Spanish Moss and now its in few hanging pieces. I do time to time dunk the whole thing in fish pond and hang it back.
So far so good - there is progress in their growth.

Below are a small patch of begonias, fittonias and shaded coloured leaf plants.
They are slowly adjusting to the open sunlight now.

Earlier the Staghorn Fern was dying - now it is regenerating back due to more open sunlight which makes a difference in their growth.
I had aquatic plants inside it earlier but due to the goldfish constantly eating habits it had totally finished up all of them and I had totally lost that aquatic species that I had kept for years.


  1. I do like the motion and color that goldfish add to a garden. Years ago I had a few in my outdoor pool, but the raccoons kept catching and eating them. I gave up on pretty fish, and simply installed a hardy native bog plant which has blue bloom spikes. I've enjoyed it, and it's much easier than having to put the heater in the pool every winter.

    1. I understand your situation.
      Once I saw kingfisher flying around my housing area.
      Then a group of monkeys came over and decided to have a dip..
      So yeah.. its a challenge to keep them longterm


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