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Sunday, December 31, 2017


I find Fittonia are the most fussy plants to have in the garden.
She is so fussy like a queen.
And so this is how to care for her:

When I purchase from the nursery
I will reset them in a week or two - replanting them as I realised that their current potted mix is not suitable to survive in my garden.
If the reset is done too late
(the whole thing will wither and rot from the bottom to top - by then, its too late to do anything)

Snails and slugs just love them making tiny holes on the leaves.
And this will cause the plant to go in shock and sometimes the whole plant will die.

They don't do well with fertilisers
So - unless you are very sure about the right strength and the brand,
I suggest not to use on them as they will wither and die.

Plant them on flat surface pots (instead deep pots) as their roots are shallow and they tend to be a trailing plant. They need fast draining medium - too soggy soil mix can make them rot.

Other than that,
They are quite easy to handle and robust.
They do good in high humidity areas.
Water them when its totally dry with light misting.

How do you see a Fittonia?
Can you see a green leaf with a red vein?
Or a green leaf with pink veins, or white veins?

I got so excited seeing all of them and wanted to buy many varieties but when I go to the nursery,
I end up buying the same type as I got confused on which I had and don’t have.
The tips to note the difference – look at the colour separately.

Or just take snapshots of what you have on your mobile phone and view them before making a new purchase.

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