Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fern Kingdom

The Ferns are making a comeback in my garden.
Practically my garden is totally green.
Green had started dominated all over again after I started gardening.
I guess its a guy thing - to consider foliage as an attraction
(Except for girls - flowers fall in their category,
but of course - we can beg to differ) 

Anyway, the Long Green Cascading Leaves speaks volume to me.
Shade of course and the canopy style when in the tropicals..
That is the feel of extended feel of layers and layers of greens..
Just I like it - calling it a garden.

I forgot to mention
That in the big picture - its actually a Vertical Garden
The whole mass is Orchids, 
followed by Bromeliads, Hoya, Dischidia and finally ferns filling in the blanks.
And that's how they made the come back.

They easily tuck in between the structure.
The root mass tightens and secure the whole Vertical Garden from collapsing,
especially from material where the whole thing could had rotten over the years.

And they do great keeping the equilibrium perfect.
Great shade from the sun for the orchids - regulate excess water off from them in case any plants are suffering from over-watering.
And if there is not enough water - these will show signs of withering and will comeback immediately after watering - sort of a visual warning.   

They are indeed beautiful, this one is leathery
Quite durable and intricate in its design.
One thing for sure - if they are totally ignored 
They can disappear.
I had lost few species - the sensitive ones
Not all of them are hardy.

Finally, this fall under the sensitive category:
The Maiden Hair Fern
They do well near a water resource area
Not too much water and not too dry - a right balance ensures a good success with this one.

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