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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cissus Species

Indeed, its pretty looking leaves, 
it has a shades of green and white with red veins.
It is a climbing vine plant and does well in semi-shaded areas.
Too hot and the leaves won't be vibrant and colourful.

The Fluorescent looking leaves do indeed add depth in my boring green garden.

Its a climber and do tend to get leggy and so it would be best to prune and keeping it neat and nice.
But I doubt that as I love my plants to exhibit its fullness of growth and colour.
Being a Cissus has a plus point  - its hardy.
It handles well during a hot weather and also during a wet rainy season.

Trim a cutting and plant it in a well drain medium.
For the first few days - the plant may appear to be withered but after that, new sprouts will appear from the cutting and will start climbing vigorously.

I found that their actually identity is confusing - its known as Cissus discolor, cissus bicolor, cissus javana but really? Which one?
Its also known as Rex Begonia Vine.

When I had it - it was infested with mealy bugs.
So a good pesticide will do good to eradicate this pest as they are just very difficult to get rid of them from this species.

This Cissus is a medicinal herb known as Cissus quadrangularis.
There is a lot written about this species.

This plant is considered hardy - it even handles well in heavy shaded area.
The whole plant is very much a quadrangular-sectioned branch with few leaves sprouting by the sectioned area.

I had tried hanging it loosely without planting it and it survived.
The base roots appeared everywhere and they just managed to handle for few months.
This is indeed a very hardy plant

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