Welcome to My Little Garden

Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Secret Code of Dumbcane

Hidden from plain sight,
that's the idea - the scrolls, the secret and the the runes of the sprites.
Of course, its a fool's wisdom:
One have to get mad in order to discover such secrets -
and dumbcane...
they can just silence your voice when you just start discovering them.

I fear these plants,
a slight brush stroke on my bare body..
Ahem, I garden topless

And I have to pay the price of having a slight discomfort of feeling rashes tingling over my shoulders and arm when come in contact with these leaves..
Again - guys gardening -
I perspire like Adam from the First Creation wiping sweat from his brow.
Not a comforting feeling when you feel a leaf touching like a hand
I sometimes feel violated...

So, where were we?
Yes - the stain glass effect or the spilled paint
mixed with dash of colours to play with..
I can certainly wished I can read each leaf with their hidden message
The silhouette of veins against the evening sun,
if lucky - the shadows fall upon a reflection against the water pond
There is a faint music echoes with the replica of the water, trickling against the flat stones..

Again - the another dimension,
just so closely opens its doors..
Its portal - just enough for peeking and fireflies to snug pass through the windows of time during the twilight.

Emotion is the key:
There must be a tingle of innocence with a dash of awe:
A feeling of respect and wonder when approach the doorway..
That way - the safe zone is that no harm will come
Sort of the default factor..
If not, you are not welcome
And a bee will find you to sting you by your nose,
And happens to be an ant falling into your eyes
Or some strange common mishap taking place in an eccentric way.

Did I reveal too much..
It suppose to be a secret..
Then why am I feeling a knot at my throat..
Opps: I had spoken too much and now I lost what I wanted to reveal..
These things are common in the hidden realm:
It's more felt than understood.
It's more in silence, a study of discovery in stillness of mind and soul
not a book for the sceptics.

By the way,
How to explain something that requires like a big plot of land
is cramped in a carpark space - like my garden..
I still can't catalogue the numbers of plants in my garden.
A fiction to behold in my domain.

I'm pretty sure there is a Guardian
(and secretly wishing it will kill all the rats that come into my garden)
but if there is not, or is..
It would be a wonder to behold..
A feeling like a mystery, mystical realms
that I rather not going poking around with Enchantress.

There is but one medium who stays near my neighbourhood
Who worship trees and give offering on a daily basis..
Feeding those darn rats!!!

Yes, the mystical realm is real and open
To those who seek it - it will find them..
The ultimate price to pay.. well that is another thing.
Until then,
I shall shut-up and garden...

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