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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yellow Walking Iris - Trimezia martinicensis

I'm surprised that they really do not have a common name.
I often seen them growing wildly by the roadside.
These cone-shaped flower buds - the yellow catches my attention regardless the distance.
Strange as they appear - they disappear within the season.

I also found that they are grown as ornament plant
More for their grass-like figure than the floral.
It must be the modern version of wheat-stack thing.

There are more information to be discovered about this plant.
Often mistaken as a water orchid. (some of my friends still insist they are)
Surprisingly it falls under a lily/Iris family.
And this one is truly an aquatic or water hardy one.

Regardless the character - It does bloom in shade.
Much better than Lotus and Water Lily.

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