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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wax Begonias

I can officially say that all my Wax Begonias had died.
Somehow in the past I managed to propagate them.
Out of 8 cuttings, 2 or 3 will manage to survive and I was able to keep the species going.
This time - its beyond my scope as all have died.

I had bought the brown one too to try my luck for the second time.
But it too proved unsuccessful.
Somehow I find that these ones are more challenging
compared to the Canes and Rhizome ones.

These fall under the their botanic name: Begonia semperflorens.
Tuberose Begonias seemed to have a rose like flower which also proves challenging.

Another thing is that they easily grow under shade where its moist (almost soggy)
between bricks and moist
See last 3 pictures
These actually grow well like that.
If you can replicate that - I'm pretty sure they can thrive well.

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