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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Succulent & Cacti - Balcony Garden Update - 3

One of the things I love about the Mother of Thousands is that succulent leaves.
They are so perfectibility smooth almost shining with babies tucked perfectly at the edges.
And if they face some sort of heat wave - they give that leopard skin patterns on the leaves.

I wonder if they are actually barren cactus.
I got them from Giant Supermarket for RM6 each plant.
They seemed to be doing just fine.
Of course - I will try to put in some succulents and cacti in nooks and corner.
Any small space is still precious for me.

Here are the others - the normal ones.
I can't say how to set them - the best I can do is just hope the just grow gracefully.
Desert Rose seemed to be happy here,
but of course - I would be happier to find them if they ever flowered here.

Now there are so many of them which are randomly growing here and there.
It would be cruel to say that its a jungle out there,
especially for cactus and succulents.
Nevertheless, I still like it this way.

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