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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Secret Garden Visit - Part 1

I manage to get a quick look in this Garden.
The Secret Garden (1 Utama) located at the roof top of the Shopping Mall.
I really enjoy this place.

Here are the succulent & cacti collection.
Its a pity to note that a lot of the earlier species is missing (dead or removed)
Regardless - these are the existing ones that still shine until today.

Some of the things that I need to check on this matter:

1) Tradescantia species being considered as dry environment plants.

2) Earth Star Bromeliad here falls in the same category.
I thought they needed to be refreshed on a regular basis on their watering factor.

I suspect that these might be watered more frequently compared to the condition they are in. And that explains a lot of sensitive species would had succumb to rot due to too much water.
Well it can only be my speculations.

Looking at the weeds that is growing in between them.
I doubt they receive minimum water or else these won't able to survive either.

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