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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Vertical Garden - Succulent & Cacti - Before Factor

My greatest challenge was watering them.
Sand and soil wash down and in the midst of struggling myself to fit my hands between them, I often end up pricked. Rearranging them was the only practical alternative. Some had totally collapse under the heavy weight and some been overshadowed by their huge cascading plant.

The gaps between them didn't really help too.
It created a sore eye reflecting me having a unorganised garden
(that is purely my point of view - me being critical)

The plus point are the plants are healthy.
That gave me an edge where I understood what can withstand the abuse of this gardening condition.
To be able to survive and grow with limited water space - or more like an environment of which plants can thrive here.

Space had suddenly became a big issue.
Eventhough they all are hooked up on the wall.
More plants found on the ground and the boarding wall where the rest of them sit.

I thought I would save more space if I plant them in planter boxes and it would look neat and tidy.
That what I initially thought.
Giving a neater look - I bought planter boxes from Giant Supermarket costing RM4.00 which of course a big deal.
(my mistake - I didn't check all the planters and found one already had cracked)

It took awhile for me to reset and arrange all of them actually to my liking.
It may not look full to its potential - but something of a big improvement from the current stage it was.

This is the BEFORE FACTOR.

The after - is the next post.

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