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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Succulents : Leaf Propagation

Sometimes I find it interesting to grow succulents using their leaves.
The baby plant sprout out and creating a new plant still amazes me.
The only setback is their slow and steady method - in a way, that teaches patience.
That is what succulents are all about - patience.

I had visited a nursery which displayed this whole plant
of which many of its leaves were broken and detached,
Littered around the display area.
I asked if I can have few of these leaves and got them trying out here.
And this is the result of it.
Out of 4 leaves - One turn out well.

This type seemed to be very vigorous.
The Ghost Plant - they seemed to grow perfectly when use sand as a medium.
Proper care must be given that they are not accidentally touched or disturbed.
When they do - they seemed to go on a dormant mode - retarding their growth process.

Do let me know your succulent propagation methods and styles.
Love to hear your success story.

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