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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Succulents & Cacti Collection - 2014

I had found some works out so well for years in my balcony garden where watering is very much controlled like once a week with shaded bright sun.
Some seemed to worked out well and some remained dormant.

After looking at these collection - I'm pretty sure they are nothing to shout about.
The only thing that is in my mind is to increase of these collection to give them more riot of shapes and colour.

The other factor I need to consider is their availability.
Not many succulents are hardy.

I find that few types of succulents seemed to thrive better in my garden.
Kalanchoe (mother of thousand species)
Senecio species and Sanseveria species (mother in law tongue) seemed to do well.

Whereas the Enheveria & Aeonium types proves difficult but management except for
Sempervivum sp. (hens and chicken) is a total wreck - they need winter to thrive.
( I had not seen Aeonium sold in any nurseries so far)

I also find that sedum species are still ok.
The only challenge is finding them in the nurseries - there are only few varieties available.

Haworthias and Aloes are new in my collection.
So are Crassula.
I'm slowly adding them bit by bit.
Getting the right watering regime and making them hardy in my garden space.
I've been very careful as not to kill anyone of these so far.
And that is good news.

If you have any which you think would be successful that I should try.
Do suggest to me.

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