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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Succulent Garden - Updates

Its a good thing to know that the plants survived the initial setting.
I had added more colour for the top pots using Moses Boat plant
to give the purple underleaf sides as a visual effect.
The 1st rows are the Zigzag and the leafless plant which I can't really recall its name.

The second row are decked with Agaves and Aloes..
The 3rd with Senecio and Haworthias - they are slow in growth but surviving nevertheless.

In the midst of the leafy plants are the ZZ plant.
Not succulent but able to withstand any kind of pressure.
And for the argument sake - it does appear to be like a succulent for its stalk.

2nd picture:
A Caladium decided to show up suddenly.

3rd picture:
A collection of all the cacti and succulents in a waterlily pot.

I wanted to try and see whether Indian Borage
can handle the same watering regime with the succulents.
So far - successful.

Plants on the roof.
Still experimenting on the process.
Matter of time - I might get the right plant that are roof hardy.

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