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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Orchid Cactus

I haven't really seen the flowers bloomed.
The ones that suppose to bloom in the midnight and apparently close by dawn.
I did see a tiny little bud and it got fallen off due bad weather.
(When it rained continuously until the flower bud stressed out)

There is something unique though apart from the flower.
Its leaves.
It was more like a leather belt than a leaf.
If you notice - its more like spear channeling through the foliages.
Indeed like a belt cascading along with other plants.
It is considered as a succulent plant.
A Epiphyllum species.

My favourite plant.

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  1. Beautiful plant, James :-) I hope you will get to see the flowers. Remember to take pic yeah. Btw the leaves do look very much like a leather belt ;-) Thanks for showing your favourite plant!


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