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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Latest in my collection - Succulents

These are the gifts for my friend from Australia.
I'm so amazed that friendship can span across the continents
where one is willing to share garden plants with me.
I'm so touched.

The fact is these are not available here in my region.
(not that I have seen so far)
I had temporarily placed them here for these cuttings to root.
And that planning to transplant them to my balcony collection.

My wife recently bought these from IKEA for RM8.90 each.
I was so glad that she found all these for me
and not taking any risk I had reset them so that they get hardy.

So far - after few weeks - they are still doing fine.

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  1. I think Rm8.90 is a reasonable price. The succulents look marvellous!! Good luck with those precious succulents from Australia!!


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