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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bromeliad Updates - 3

This would be similar to the earlier ones.
I'm pretty sure you would be bored if you are not into bromeliads
and the reverse is true - if you know what I mean.
Going crazy over them and spending lots of money in purchasing them.
There was once an instance were all these were sold around hundreds.
Now they are getting more affordable and cheaper.

Good thing about them is that they are not very sensitive
compared to orchids or carnivorous plants.
(which tend to die easily)
These in comparison can handle some level of abuse where they
can put up with heavy watering.
(coming under the weather - during the rainy season)

I believe that when these plants are set together like a community based factor
They tend to look out for each other and create an ambiance.
Sort of like an environment - a created ecological climate among themselves.
There are of course a lot that needs proving and study & research.

One thing for sure.
A plant fairs well when group together than kept separated in an individual compartment.
That certainly makes a lot of difference in their health and growth.

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