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Welcome to My Little Garden
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Friday, September 26, 2014


There was a period of time that I was going crazy with Caladiums.
And feeling very positive about it that they will endure very well in my garden.
I realised that this one came with a vengeance.
Half of which either gone dormant or dead.
That is the thing with Caladiums - they are so unpredictable.
Something that gives much greater a challenge to look forward to.

When they do appear - they come with Glory.
Caladiums are temperamental plants - now you see it and now you don't.
And because of that - you can't really put all of them in one basket
(I'm mean pot)
When they go dormant - you got one pot empty.

Some Caladiums never go dormant.
The Jewel Caladiums seemed to go strong with me for a year now.
One thing for sure.
If you take care well of them - they do their best in your garden.

Basic requirements:

1) Fast Draining medium.
2) Kept in Bright shade.


  1. Hello Mr James Missier, i would like to buy a few caladium bulbs from you. Do you sell it? and how much? maybe including GST :D

    1. btw i'm from Sarawak and you can contact me @whatsapp: 0138421938 or simply email me @ helmyshahabduljalil@yahoo.com Thanks.

    2. Sorry Elmie - most of these Caladiums had gone dormant and if at all - lost in some pots with other plants.
      There are nothing much for me to consider selling as they are just too few.


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