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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vertical Wall Garden in the Making

It would be a painstaking job to really sort this 3D Garden Wall.
One of the challenges is the overflow water that comes down when watering.
The soil washes down and for some - too much water kills.
That was a sad story for my begonias,
most of them didn't survive the ordeal of the shock that came with it.
The ones that made it -some how thrived.

I find that Aglaonema (one of the worst tongue-twister for a plant name)
got nice red combo colours which give out bright vibrant colours to the dull green.
Together with Dumbcane and few other varigated ones just make this whole wall worthwhile.

And once awhile.
There is a riot of colours appearing here and there when something blooms.
Guess this is the total sum of my whole garden in a piece of a paper,
placed on a wall.

Some are barely making it, some OK and some thriving.
That is what gardening all about with me - you either rough it out or its over.
I'm pretty sure most gardeners will agree with me with this style of gardening.

More in-depth pictures coming soon.

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