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Monday, July 21, 2014

Cactus Update - July 2014

I would be difficult to say that I had almost left them with utter neglect.
The truth is - that's how they thrive - being neglected.
Too much water can kill them.
The other factor is that too much neglect also have the reverse effect.
I had for one - found a difficult scale insect infestation on few of these succulent plants which is quite difficult to rid off.

That is something to consider.
Not too much and not too less.
The ideal balance is attending to them weekly.

I have manage to add few more additions to my collection.
Some thrive, some Ok and some well...dormant going dead.
I realised that not all cactus does well in my garden.

Based on my experienced with many trials and error.
I found that Cactus/Succulents can be divided into 3 categories.

The Hot Desert Type.
These are the tall standing erected type.
Those that lives in the hot desert and considered to behave like a true cactus.
Handles strong abuse of neglect - lacking water and loves hot dry setting.

The Tropical Type.
These are mostly the succulent types.
Some still retain their thorns but basically you will find them they are very much like the hanging type.
These hanging / crawling type can thrive well even with daily watering - provided that they have a good draining medium.
They don't do well together with the desert type - that is if you intend to water them once a week.

The Highland Alps Cactus.
These are the difficult ones.
The ones I get here are from Cameron Highlands and often sold to lowland nurseries like Sg.Buloh.
The danger is to identify them before purchasing them as they will not survive nor thrive in the lowland climate in my region.

Regardless the rules..
Cactus can just be cactus..
They can beat the odds and just survive if they have what it takes to pull through in your garden.
Mine are in my balcony where rain water don't get to them.
Therefore watering is controlled as too much water can set root rot
and that is the last of my plant.

Some new additions - in this collection.
Mostly rescued thrown to die and rot..
and some picked up along the streetsides - growing wild.

These I had bought from the Sg.Buloh nursery.
They are slowly adapting to the lowland climate and watering schedule.
Hopefully they pick up and stay with me for years.

The Mother of Thousand had became invasive and started to shade and overtake the rest of the cactus here.
I had found many casualties where I find what was left are the shells of thorns by the last residence.
I had removed all of them (pic. below)
And hopefully they recover and give a nice fuller look.

A picture of the wall cactus.
They are still in progress.
Hopefully it would create a lovely setting.

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