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Monday, February 17, 2014

Wild Life in the Garden

Birds used to be a common sight in my garden.
Its getting rarer now when most of the jungle above the hill side
had been cut down for more housing development.
The sad part about that is it is no longer cooler like before.
I believe the eco-system had keep the climate cool with all the greens.

Once there were like 10 of these in a flock and end up 1 or 2.
It is indeed a sad sight -
the only thing that I can do to encourage their population growth rate is
to add more nectar producing plants.
So far these birds frequent my garden every 10-30 minutes.
The dry spell that been taking place for few weeks is not helping either.

Of late these birds take a quick shower on the wet leaves after I water my garden.
You can see one of the birds is drenched wet washing itself on the wet leaf.

This is another rare visitor.
I never seen one here or would had thought they would had extinct in my part of the region.
This Oriental Garden Lizard is resting on my Bleeding Heart Vine one night in my garden.
It's a pity this reptile didn't find my garden pleasing to make as a permanent resident, as it would definitely had controlled all of my pest problems. (farming ants that brings scale insect and mealy bugs)

These group together under the passion fruit leaves.
I really wonder what tehy are up to?

I have been keeping these fry for sometime.
They have been doing well for few generation.
The only thing I have to do often is keep an eye on the water level. They tend to get low within a week's time.


  1. It's great to see sunbird and lizards in your garden. Their presence is an indication that your garden a more habitable Eden. The lizard's tail is unbelievably long - reminds me of Rapnzel's long mane.

  2. I like your fish. I must have a water feature or features in future incarnations of my garden.

  3. I suppose no one ever thought in the planning process that a new development of land would affect the temperatures and native habitat so much!

  4. The bird in photo 5 is kelicap a common bird in my childhood days, always sucking coconut flowers.....

  5. I am happy now that I have had my tropical fix. Such a shame that the housing development affected your habitat.

  6. Always a joy to see wild life in a garden! Lovely... thanks for sharing your garden visitors, James.


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