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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bromeliad Blooming - Billbergia pyramidalis

This bromeliad was a mystery to me.
I was not able to identify it until its started blooming.

My point here is that bromeliad can be tricky.
They need water but too much water can cause the plant to rot.
(I had lost several and its too late to do anything as the root rot had rise all the way up to the core)

What I can suggest is plant these bromeliad using fast draining soil.
I for one sure sand as a base. These plants don't take their nutrients using roots rather by the leaves, therefore its not necessary to have a rich based soil for them.

This one started blooming after I applied an orchid fertiliser on them.
Within 3 weeks of application.
It is indeed a very colourful flower.


  1. I once have this bromeliad which I nurture for five years. It grew to a very good size but failed to bloom, so I have to toss it out. I've should have done what you did, using orchid fertilizer.

  2. Nice bromeliad. Bromeliads are fairly new to me. I have three and hope to add more in the future.

  3. Very beautiful plant, the flowers are magical, I love Bromeliads in my garden, and have not had any draining problems so far.

  4. Congrats, James... a very eye-catching and interesting bloom!

  5. Mind sharing where can i buy bromeliad here in Malaysia ?

    Fin, Serdang


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