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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Begonias - The Easy Ones.

There is so much to talk about begonias.
A lot that had not been said about this species,
above all I would say the most misunderstood plant.

They die too quickly when they are put to suffer.
Some begonias are actually meant for highlands especially the rose begonias.
Its a pity when many buy them and they end up dead.

The ones you can actually salvage are the lowland types.
These I find are slowly phasing out and getting rare.
I would recommend these types to adorn your garden.
Cane Begonias & Rhizome Begonias: Both are stem/stalk based types.
These are easier compared to the tuberous ones.

Below are some rhizome types which
I had successfully manage to keep them in my garden.

My tips:
For Rhizome type Begonias:

Planting / Propagation

Do not bury them into the soil,
rather place them in between the pebbles on the ground surface.
You can also sandwich them between clay-bricks and lightly place few pebbles above them.
This will help them not to rot
and at the same time achieve the required humility for the plant to thrive.
There will be grow extra long when the rhizome gets longer.
Trim them and replant them in different pots or space - as I can assure assure you accidents can happen when that a mother plant dies - you still got spares to consider.

Alternatively pass some to your family & relatives
that if one day when your plant phases out or dies.
You can always get a cutting from them.


These begonias require bright shaded area.
Too shaded and those brilliant red will be overwhelmed by the basic green elements.
Again - when placed too hot - a direct sun can also spell disaster where the leaves can get burned.
Its best to find the ideal of both too world - high humility and good bright sunlight does the trick.

Begonias gives the best of various colours.
The garden just get beautiful when they are around splashing colours all around.
When you know their needs - it gets much easier and simpler to handle them.
I for one had managed to collect few varieties and they are now slowly adding more colour in my garden.


  1. you do have lots of begonias.... the first one has the shape of star fruit and the colour of our local jambu air.

  2. Thanks for yr comments. Verbanas are wild, but they grew in my veg patch , seeds that windblown from a wild patch next house.

  3. They are pretty things... we dont have the humidity here to really grow some od these without a greenhousr, but they are very desirable

  4. James, I do love begonias, but don't have them in my garden. Love the varieties which you showed. The 4th one from the bottom is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful series of photos, James.

  6. You have a great selection, I love begonias, and they seem to do well in my garden with minimal care. I guess it is because I have the right climate!


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