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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Oncidiums and Art

One of the things about Oncidiums is that I never seemed to get enough of them.
The pictures do not do justice in real life.
(but of course, to another its just yellow flower with a dash of orange painted on it)

Its difficult to describe and like most gardeners.
I wish this one continuously flower giving me fresh blooms everyday..
(yeah.. I know - its just too much)
(Ok..while I'm at it....)

I found that not two flowers are the same.
Indulge me with this.
Can you know the difference of these 3 flowers?
(Ok.. I agree - this is too much..)

To add more colour in my garden.
The common Oncidium seemed to lavishly bloom without stopping.
That gives me a feel that this is going to be a permanent bloomer.
(Hope I didn't speak too soon)

The White Oncidium (pic. below)
I had manage to pull it out from the hidden corner - where it was intially found with the Bleeding Heart (earlier post) I was indeed surprised to see that there are a lot more flowers in the bloom compared to previous ones. (past blooms)

The earlier one was still in bloom with two small spikes.
While I was at it - trying to water some of the orchids I had accidently snap the main branch...
(Ohhh!!! NO!!! I wish I can rewind the time!!!)
(Well - accident happens)

This is the broken spike from the second flower spike.
(Ouch!!! Again...)

And so..
I had immortalise it in my living...
I let the pictures do the talking...
Let me know what do you see...

And yes...
The last two drawing were done by me.
(medium: pencil & pen)


  1. Wow!!! I'm not sure which I love more James! Your Oncidiums or your drawings! Simply superb.
    And thanks for all the appreciation on my blog posts.

    1. thanks Sujata..
      appreciate your compliment very much..

  2. Your Dancing Ladies are spectacular but I'm even more impressed with your fine pencil drawings. You must be truly fascinated by these ladies or should I say totally bewitched. Be careful, they might visit you in your dreams, haha.

    1. Bewitched and dazzled is considered very interesting...

  3. Lovely drawings... you are quite the artist!


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