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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Garden Friends

Its feels good being a gardener.
There are thousands of benefits that tells you gardening is good for you:
Increase your well-being in keeping you healthy - body & spirit.
Good for the soul, keeps you close to nature;
Planting your own food: vegetables, fruits and herbs
(and thousands of more benefit that you can easily google up)

But one thing I can testify is the rarest of the rare is to find good garden friends.
And that I would tell you:
It feels great when you find another gardener friends.
It just warms your heart and you can just talk & talk & talk...
discussing about the plants...
explaining about over-watering..
why this plant loves water and that one hates it..

Why is this plant called hardy and that one..
Well - won't recommend it to you because its fussy & difficult to care.

That great feeling when you know someone else is so much interested to know what you had discovered in making that plant survive & thrive in your garden.
Other experienced gardeners & new gardeners who share the same interest in gardening though all of us may have a different taste and liking towards gardening.

I had manage to give away a lot of cuttings and plants. (almost 20 species)
That was what the list was about,
I didn't want to forget giving the cutting
and then later forget the name when someone ask me that
(what was the name of the plant again???)
The list of plants are at the bottom below for reference.

I truly enjoyed the moment when these friends came over.
They were actually very close to me in the cyberworld.
More like posting what actually happening on each other gardens..
and comments and advices
(jokes and laughters and more often - going out of topic)
Yeah.. that is our usual conversations in the FB postings.

Somehow we had grown close in understanding our taste and likings.
I guess keeping in touch means just that,
and gardening had somehow became a vehicle in becoming that.

Currently I had received many plants through exchange and give-away's from friends.
I believe that's the way it should be.
Being gracious and generous will always comes back in many folds..
And that spirit of giving will always be an abundant blessing felt in the garden.

I remember when my mum and few other gardener's who believe in a taboo:
That when they give away a plant,
the luck is transferred and so the parent plant dies.
I often reprimand my mom on this believe:

Why not change it:
That you when you bless others - blessing pour forth back to you in double portion.
That's what I believe.
And ever since then - my garden flourishes in many fold,
enough to give away and more that continue to grow,
of which I can continue to bless others in giving.
It now brings Joy to so many people
and animals, insects and birds alike.
Its great to have this sense of contribution for all to experience.

I know some who says,
"I don't have time or the space to garden."
I can truly tell you - this is such a small spot of space.
Its a cemented porch enough for a small car to be parked in.
Yet it made a great difference.
I'm sure my garden friends can testify: Every inch is utilised.

I remember from one gardener who believes this:
If you have a space for weeds to grow - you certainly have space for gardening.
Enjoy Gardening my friends.
And take time to find a friend who garden's and visit you.
It would certainly open a new world in your garden life.

Pictures Below
(taken by my friend using his mobile camera - gives a different perspective than mine)

Thanks Sze Tho for the pictures and the Kantan.

Thanks Junie for the Earthstar Bromeliad,
you have added another treasure into my collection.
(and also for the sub-titles..heheheehehheheee)

And thanks Aubrey to come over with your family and spending time with us.
It was truly nice passing you all the plants to you.
I believe you can handle all of them, they are mostly hardy plants.

There is so much been said and shared during this time here.
All that will be treasured and cherished in my heart.
(My garden heart I mean.. heheheheheheheeee)

This is the list Aubrey for you to research and work on:

(Its like cactus - minus the thorns)

1) Mother of Thousands
2) Mother in law tongue
3) Zig-zag plant - green
4) Pencil plant
5) Ice plant
6) Orchid cactus - Bunga Bakawali

These require very less water.
They can stand and handle direct sunlight but for now,
keep them in bright shade until they start rooting and had establish themselves.
They are slow growers too.
So you may have to wait for few weeks or months to see their growth process.

Fairly Easy - with roots

7) Costus - Cherry ginger (pot)
8) Joyweed - white
9) Wandering Jew
10) Spider plant
11) Bird Nest Fern
12) Dwarf Petticoat Fern
13) Water Melon Begonia - Pellonia species
14) Pineapple
15) Xiphidium - iris family
16) Rain lilies

These are with roots and they are easier in a way to establish and grow.
Don't worry if they look sloppy and weak.
They will pick up in few days time

Medium - without roots

17) Bush Clock Vine - medium
18) Jewel of Opar - easy
19) Coleus - easy
20) Creeping Charlie - easy
21) Fire cracker plant - easy
22) Rose - medium

These are the ones that need attention.
You may not have to worry so much on the easy ones,
they will pick up fast,
the medium ones needs attention as they can die if they lack water or proper care.
Water them daily and keep them in shaded place first for 2-3 weeks
until you see that them generate new leaves.
Once the start picking up - bring them to brighter spot in your garden.

23) Oxalis

I had send the links for you to read and follow up.

Picture (courtesy of Aubrey)
The plants and soil & pot bought from nursery for planting.
Good luck on your gardening guys!


  1. What a day you had! Plants do connect us with strangers and later become friends :-) Happy growing great plants and friends!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your kind generosity with plants and awesome sharing of knowledge!
    Treasuring good friends! Making this world a better place each day whilst 'greening' the earth ya ;)
    Sincerely: Miss Subtitle

    1. It was great having you as a gardener friend.
      Making life richer!
      Thanks for making the difference.

  3. I see you guys have a great time. I once met up with Autumn Belle and her FB friends at the Secret Garden. There was some exchange of plant cuttings, seeds, advice and laughter too. Happy gardening!

    1. Yes..thanks.
      I manage to attend a gathering - Floria at PutraJaya last year.
      It was indeed - heart warming.

  4. Hi James. I appreciate your garden and the way you share it, inspire us. I have a plant like the one you have that you post as cactus but with no thorns.It's like the fruits of moringga.I just want to ask what is the name of that plant. Attached here is the link of picture. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Rc_FlbX_ozE/Umn0wIfSyYI/AAAAAAAAJsU/72DzEBM63jY/s1600/BeFunky_55+IMG_20131024_144647281.jpg.jpg Thank you and more power.

    1. Hi Jealyn,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Yes - indeed it looked like the fruits of moringga - only thing in is that is not edible.
      Its Sansevieria Cylindrica - very much close to the Mother in law tongue species.
      Its commonly known as African Spear.

    2. Thank you James.I appreciate your blog. God bless you more abundantly and continue to inspire us. :)


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