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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Creative Gardening with Broken Pottery

I didn't want to throw away this nice vase.
It wasn't expensive nor memorable but something that I bought many years back
and I would consider its a bit rare to find a clay vase these days.

I also found that mother of thousand seemed to be the best candidate
to work on this experiment.
Well - few plants didn't get too well adapted to this shallow surface growing.
This one worked so far.

After few months, these seemed to be thriving.
Let me know what you think about this.

This is the beauty of the plant.
The plant-lets seemed to lightly attached itself at the edge of the matured leaves.
And sometimes, these plant-lets have the orange stripes - like leopard.
Something that I enjoy having this one as it is very hardy and resilient.


  1. I think this is very creative and innovative, besides being highly ornamental. I pulled out my big mother plant as it got very invasive. After this, I dont seem to have ány left. I must exterminated them!

  2. They're wonderful easy plants. .. i like what you've done with them.

  3. Nice actually. Mother of thousand grow easily...

  4. Simply captivating... didn't know you have such creative skills, James! ;-)
    The plant and its arrangement on the salvaged pottery is just perfect.


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