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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cactus Garden - Update

Cactus fascinates me.

Regardless those intimidating thorns and spikes,
one must say the plant literally screaming out,

But yet, somehow many had drawn into this siren only to kill them by over-watering.
These I must say that they should be cared with utmost neglect
in order for them to thrive.
(neglect in a sense not to put them outdoors if you get rain frequently out in the open)

Again - even with that,
I had killed many with my silly mistakes.
Something that I had learned a lot of lessons a long the way.

One thing that I realise that I dare say:
people tend to have short-term relationship with cactus.
I often find them dumped and thrown away at burning sites.
Some barely surviving in that neglected spot - all torn and mis-handled.

Perhaps its because cactus are sold cheap.
You can easily get 3 for RM10.
And they are often neatly arranged in a bigger pot with coloured pebbles,
adorning coffee tables or office work station.
And the time ticking away when they are not build for indoor environment.
One after the other will start falling due to root rot.
(Ah.. I remember - the slimy rottenness when the whole plant gets squashy)
I guess that's what put these newbies off from starting another cactus experience.

Most of these cactus,
needlessly I must say were picked up, rescued or received as give-aways.
(Gardeners who no longer want to have cactus in their plant list)
It must be the thorns that might had put people off that they got thrown off.

I still wonder why people buy them at the first place
and later decide to get rid off them.
Many were placed directly at open weather,
few survive the ordeal of daily watering of tropical rain.
I guess the gardener thought that direct sun was good for them
forgetting about the heavy rain part.
And those that manage to survive somehow had well adapted to the tropical zone.
Only to adapt together with the terrible spiky dragon look
intimidating & terrifying all those who comes through the door
(nor not)
I guess, I might feel that way:
Seeing some with huge thorns and spikes that
I wonder whether the owner was trying to keep everyone at bay.

In some cultures - planting cactus at the entrance or in the garden is considered a bad omen..
Thorny, spiky or poking plant spells as a keeps away good luck
rather than a welcoming warm spirit.
(again - I wonder why roses don't fall into this category -
I got bruised, poked and stabbed by these darned roses in my garden)

Anyway, I have yet to make a beautiful arrangement with my cactus garden.
Until I get a nice beautiful collection, guess I have to be content with these.

My Cactus/Succulent Plant Garden in my balcony.
I water them once a week.

Let me know what you think of them.


  1. Any succulents to give away James especially those in the last two pictures? Love them so much. Check out the Secret Garden at 1U where these are planted under direct sun and rain. It rot of course but the owner just need a place to display them. Not much choice there as it is at the rooftop.

  2. you have a good collection james and you have researched quite a lot about it.
    keep up the good work.
    I loved the photo in your blog with the statue and those plants around it.how did you made them shining fresh did you apply any spray.Leaves are beautiful


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