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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Passion Flower & Fruit

This is one of the plants that I truly admire for the exotic blooms and the edible fruit.
I realise that the fact of beauty and food doesn't really come together in nature.
Here what appears to be ornamental and edible is truly a blessing.

These are growing wildly cared less by the owner as it trailing on the electrical post, exploded with many blooms and many fruit found hanging. I doubt anyone have a taste for this plant.
If so - I guess no one bothers it.
(These pictures taken near my mother in-law place in Jinjang KL)

You would see the flowers, flower bud, flower spent and the fruit
in formation in pictures below.

These are my plant.
The vine are growing together with Bleeding Heart Vine.
Hopefully it would bloom and give its fruits too.

This plant is passed to me by mum.
She suddenly lost the liking for this plant as its trailing vine proves a challenge in keeping them stationary in one place.

Picture below: "Plant with tendrils.

Last picture. (below)

Do you wonder why there is this 2 nodes at the side of the leaves.
I read in the science book that this plant is fooling the butterflies to let it know that it had eggs laid there and to look for somewhere else.

Pretty smart for a plant isn't it?


  1. Great pictures and so amazing flower to eat

  2. The passionflowers that grow Wild in Texas look similar, but are a different color. They're v great plants.

    1. Passionflowers grow wild in your place!

  3. Oh ! site is very nice. flowering plants Also, this plant can be grown in coastal and windy conditions. Note that leaves and stems may prove slightly skin irritant. So handle with care. Soil - This Echium requires a well-drained ground. Propagation This Echium is easily propagated by seeds.

    1. You are right.
      Basically my mom planted it and passed the plant to me.
      Thanks for dropping by.


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