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Friday, December 20, 2013

December Blooms - Cattleya Orchid & Bush Clock Vine

I realised that these orchids tend only to bloom very close to year end.
Normally that takes place when it is raining continuously for 2-3 days in a row followed by an immediate hot & sunny days.

I must say that its truly unfair when I find that these seemed to bloom lavishly with multiple blooms, especially the ones that I had pasted my spares to most of my friends.

it did bloom in my garden and I'm still enjoying them during these few days.
I suspect this flower (usually it suppose to be more than one)
would last about few days to a week. It bloomed again couple of months back and I was too late to get the picture on camera.
The flower was not so glorious as this - it had a bud blast - prematurely dropped its bloom without opening when the rain season had started again without giving that sunny intervals.

The only thing I admire (or cause me to admire when I tell my friends)
are those spear like leaves.
Spanning like a blades cascading by the window plane.
The last two orchids were with me for few months back,
slowly coming out from dormancy.
I had not seen their blooms yet. Hopefully one day it would give me a surprise.

This is Bush Clock Vine.
I placed it closer to a shaded area and it rarely bloomed.
(not even one flower)
Here I placed it very close to my rose shrub and now it blooms profusely.
The only setback is that its very bushy and requires pruning time to time.

The blue with the yellow centre truly makes a whole plant screaming for attention.
I find that this plant is very much hardy and able to stand watering neglect.
(one reason is that its too far, spanned away to a distance where my watering hose can't reach the pot base)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my gardener friends and my blog readers:

A Wonderful Christmas and A Promising New Year!
May the Coming Year 2014 bring more Success and Promises..
and Hopes and Dreams that come to Fulfilment.
And that God Bless Your Hand
that whatever you touch - Prospers and turn Fruitful.
Have a Blessed Week ahead during this Festive Season.



  1. Two of my favourite flowers - Cattelya and Bush Clock vine. The latter is doing very well.

    James, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you so much for the greetings.
      And yes - when the Bush Vine picks up - they tend to bloom often.

  2. Cool blooms and thank your for your warm greetings! Here's wishing you and your family all the joys of the season, James! Have a merry Christmas!! Btw, with all your regular and diligent pruning I think the Bush Clock vine can form a hedge already ;-)

    1. Thanks for the wishes.
      I don't think I want a hedge - there is no place already..

  3. Hi James, WOW! I really love the colors on that orchid. How incredibly gorgeous. One is better than none right? I'm glad you were able to get so many photos this time. I've seen the Bush Clock Vine here grown as an annual. It is very pretty. How nice it must be to have flowers year round. I am not fond of winter, can you tell? Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Yes.. its true.
      Enjoying one bloom is better than none.
      Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas too.

  4. I like cattleyas but don't like to grow them. Some of their blooms can be quite spectacular but they aren't as floriferous as dendrobiums, sun vandas and epidendrums in the tropics.

    1. You are so right.
      But I already got this plant and its a pity to get rid of it.

  5. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and greetings from Montreal, Canada.

    1. Thanks Linda.
      And a Happy New Year to you too..


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