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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Garden Update - August 2013

Its been about 2 months after the last reset.
These garden plants and they are behaving very well. 

I really like how the Coleus plants standing up well with their coloured foliages. The Costus had well behaved too growing in a well manner at the background.

Usually they will spike out from the original position and span out upfront blocking whatever plants that is in front of them. 
This time around - it really look satisfactory to me.

Blue flowers are coming out well in my garden. 
Thanks to my friend who had passed to me his garden plants - He now wants to focus more on planting Orchids.

This is how it looked like after the heavy pruning
(if you want to see the major comparison / difference - click to this link below)

Cleared the Messy Garden - July 2013


  1. The colored foliage of coleus are so attractive, appealing to the eyes even when combined with other plants. But yes you have to trim them every now and then or else they tend to block the others. Most of the plants and blooms in your photos are also found in my garden.

    1. Yep..
      Pruning is important to keep the species going.

  2. It looks like we to share many similar plants.

    1. Great minds think alike..
      Likewise.. Great Gardeners plant alike too..

  3. You have wonderful blue flowers and I love the coleus that you have. The colourful coleus leaves made that patch so lively. Wish I have planted more coleus now. You have a great day James!

    1. Thanks Stephanie.
      Do select your Coleus properly.
      Find those ones that are a hardy type.
      Not all sold in nursery are hardy - they just die on the first season.

  4. Simply lovely are your plants, to say the least, James! I see you grow curry leaves too... does the leaves get spotted or tarnished. Ours do and how can that be prevented without using pesticides? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Now that you mentioned it.
      I didn't realise it that they are visible.
      You have sharp eyes - Jacq.

      Earlier I had the same problem - the spots & tarnished leaves. I stripped all the leaves and put an organic fertiliser and break up the soil with spade and add more soil.
      The newer leaves came out healthy.

    2. Haha... I enjoy 'scrutinizing' gardens online, see what others are planting, their garden design and creativity, and the likes. We do learn much from one another, right James! ;)

    3. I believe so Jacqueline.
      Thanks for the support.

  5. Yay... my Curry Leaf is sparkling again with new healthy leaves, James! Thanks for your advice. :-)


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