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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Earth Star - Cryptanthus

There are a huge number of resource concerning this type of Bromeliad to certain degree is quite overwhelming. One factor that over-rights everything else is experience in successfully keeping them in your garden. And that is what I would like to share - The Joy of Earth Stars in the Garden.

Unlike many other garden plants - I would consider this one unique, especially the leaves - it is everything except the dull boring green & from a far - it does shine with its fluorescent like colours in comparison to other foliages.

Most of my Earth Stars are now producing pups (baby plants/offshoots from the side)  I have yet to properly set them as they are quite fragile (easily breaks off when come in contact) and they are indeed a slow grower.

Given proper attention & care, Earth Stars make a very strong visual contrast of colours especially when it comes to small spaced shaded garden areas. I had seen some gardeners use them in terrariums and bottle gardens. Perhaps when I have more time in my hands to venture into such task.

This one is the strangest - the original was green and pink and slowly turned pink to white. I guess this one cannot make up its mind it setting its colours.

This is actually an ornamental pineapple. I had a small pup and its been doing fine - very slowly growing for many years.

These Bromeliad had been rescued from the dumps.
It could be neoregelia tricolor.

And the bottom one which is totally green could either be neoregelia compacta or billbergia pyramidalis. Both species can only be defined unless the flower starts blooming - until then I just have to be content with their foliages.


  1. Congratulations, you have beautiful Earth Stars :)
    I have three varieties, too bad we are too far apart for trading.

    1. Indeed. If not - we would be best friends constantly exchanging and talking about plants - day & nite!

  2. Earth stars never fail to amaze my visitors. It makes a very good conversation piece ;-) Btw, you seems to grow a variety of each type of plants. That one in white is extraordinary. Love it!

  3. What a lovely Cryptanthus collection you have, James and so radiant-looking. Hmm... I'm so envious! I love how you've mounted them creatively in your topmost photo. I have only one cultivar, 'Ruby' with red to maroon stripes - had produced a few pups but never bloomed so far.

  4. I have some pink/green cryptanthus' and some maroon/purple ones like the ones you have shown, but I also got stuck with a pink star that is turning white on some leaves, but otherwise strong. I thought it had a problem with it, but I'm not so sure now... ABW FL

    1. One had turned white and eventually died.
      I found the reason was the lack of sunlight as a plant totally covered over it.
      Do give some light upon it - morning sun.
      I'm sure it will recover.

  5. Beautiful! I have one, in a glass 'fish' setting on top of my 35 gallon fish tank. It has flowered, and now has pups. Very interesting plant. Will the pups grow on their own? Or do you need to plant them?

    1. Let the pup grow to a medium size of the parent.
      You can slowly detach them from the crown of the parent plant and replant them separately as it would not cause stress to the parent plant.
      (since the pup is growing on top of the parent plant - it does block whatever sunlight the parent plant is receiving - causing it to be stress and eventually succumb & die.


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