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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

White Flowers in My Garden

Its seemed like forever since I blogged. I truly sorry for the long delay in my updates. Gardening had somehow slowed down a bit and more often its just a watering routine that I do within 5-10 minutes towards midnight (Where I almost find the time do finally take care of my garden)

I must say that I'm truly a bad gardener - rarely taking care of the garden and if at all take them for granted.

Now my garden had turned into a forest - I had cut, clear, prune and reset most of the overgrowth. Lately I had trimmed some and feeling greatly sorry to throw them away as they can be propagated.

For this season:
My Winter Jasmine had flowered graciously after their heavy pruning. I had downside all their leaves and keep them at bare minimum. I tried to age this plant doing some experiment in making it into a bonsai tree.
Whether it is deemed successful or not - one thing for sure - the fragrance that floods in the evening is truly enchanting.

I had planted this plant from a seed. Now it is finally giving me the results.
And what a great reward it is. Its is all the worth of waiting.
I had 2 trees - One I kept (this one) and another - I passed to a friend.
He is more critical than me and had chopped off the whole branch leaving a few inches from the roots in making that an ideal bonsai - the problem is: The plant got dormant.

This plant escapes my mind. (took me ages just to goggle up the name)
Mexican Sword-plant (Echinodorus palaefolius) is truly enchanting when it gives out its spikes of flowers. Somehow there is always a new flower inflorescent at each buds everyday.
They last until late afternoon and I'm not too quick with my camera before the flower fades.

My Orchid bloomed at the shades of the Spanish Moss.
Something that I admire the most here is that they seemed to create a symbiotic environment with each other. This orchid is unique - it turns to white when it matures.
Can you see the Dancing Ladies?


  1. Despite your professed tardiness in caring for your plants, they are actually doing very well. Your Water Jasmine (Wrightia religiosa) for example has many blooms which would add some fragrance to your garden. These sprout wildly in my garden too. Its not that easy to make bonzai out of them.

  2. I am glad you are back to posting again. You and I are the same....I water late at night and the poor garden is the very last item that gets my attention. That does not make you a bad gardener!!! :0) David/

  3. Hello James! Well, same same. No time to update my blog as well haha... It' s good to see your white jasmine blooming profusely for you. Very nice and pretty! Sometimes plants make us happy this way. Just when we feel tired, they will sort of give you some reward hehe... Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi James, well, we all get times when we feel the garden may need a little more attention. But hey, look at the results you get.

  5. Guess I'm getting lazy or feeling lethargic.
    Hope my garden put-up with me.
    Thanks guys for your support.


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