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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Indoor Plants for the Office Desk-Top

I often come across many people whom I know who love to have a small plant in their office cubicle. Be it a small bottle with an ivy popularly known as "money plant" or the screw-twisted branch "lucky bamboo". 

Somehow there is a living plant but sadly almost barely alive.
Either it terribly infested with mealy bug or scale insect or the plant is so aged that its really sad looking. (due to the lack of sunlight - these pest infest the plant which goes totally dormant and the leaves turn yellow)

(Still with my introduction - Bare with me)

It occured to me - why not try out with different species which thrives on low light setting like the office space and set-up different species apart from the common ones.
Those which only require minimum care.

The set-up was progressive.
Basically I used most of the recycle items.
Also got into the idea that nature plays well in complementing both plant and natural elements together.
Here I placed shells, river stones, pebbles & garden moss to give the dramatic effect.

You will notice there are tile slabs, old magazine and jars.
I had used a herbal tea container given by a friend to place ferns in them.
Also a mooncake box to give that autmn leave factor.

Seriously looking at this setting.
It does calms the soul and gives a sense of peace.
I think whenever I'm stressful - I would just spend some few minutes here to de-stress.
To me - it does look like a Japanese Garden.
A miniature one and fits just perfectly to calm the raging soul.

My wife mentioned many times that I should focus on going into business rather than just doing stuff direction-less. Well, its a little hard for me when it comes to converting from passion to business.
And with that thought - I have decided to sell the plants displayed here.

Anyone interested please write on the comment.
We shall follow-up from there.
Items for sale :-
a) All plants in containers each - RM5
b) Plant in the figurine - RM10
Basically it is Cash on Delivery. I can meet up anyone around KL area.

The Sale of the plant includes tip & plant care.

Plants in this settings:

1) Bird Nest Fern
2) Earthstar 
3) Walking Stick Iris
4) Money plant
5) Moss and stones


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hahaha, a nice try James. I love that dishgarden on a blue bowl. If you deliver it here, i will treat you to dinner! Kidding aside, the grouping is beautiful and really sooth the tired mind. I guess you should keep them instead! I also have a garden in my office window facing east. Sometimes a plant dies because the cleaning people don't know how to water them when I'm away a few days. My best plants die because of their unknowing way!

    1. Thanks for the offer and joke..
      Sometimes plants do that - they just die without any apparent reason.
      But I guess it won't deter gardeners like us to stop planting.

  3. Your have a nice collection of mish-mash objects which somehow gel together with your bromeliad, moss, fern, epipremnum and iris. Its great that you can think of using the box for mooncakes for this theme. Btw the mooncake festival is also known as the mid-autumn festival.

    1. Thanks...
      I just make use of what I have.
      Interesting to note the Mid-Autumn festival.

  4. I never had a chance to keep plants on my work desk as it is too cluttered with papers and stuff. Wow yours look really neat and tidy.

    1. Thanks.
      Often times it do get cluttered with stuff.
      Its a weekly thing to re-organise the desk space.

  5. I like your composition, very nice! :-) but I like best of all the moss and stone garden.

  6. How wonderful! I like how you arranged each one and they all compliment each other pretty well. I am amaze by your spacious and 'green' office. If everyone grows like you, then all will enjoy good quality air ;-D

    1. Thanks Stephanie.
      I guess so..
      We all will be refreshed with a wave of oxygen.

  7. Sweet arrangement... but for me real garden is still at the backyard... :)

    1. of course..
      this one is a tiny mini-garden..
      to cuci the mata.

  8. James - I really like your post. Desk top plants can get so sad looking, so it makes perfect sense to use plants that need only a little care & light. Lovely plants too! -Shyrlene

    1. Thanks Shyrlene for visiting my garden blog.

    2. Interesting and impressive design on your desk top, James.

  9. Very good James!! has been very nice, I will try some orchids to see how it is...it hurts me not to be around you, figure and I love the vase!

    a hug

    1. A hug to you too Antonio.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. The plants look too good where they are, and anyway nobody seems to believe your offer. I do, but sorry I live at the other end of the world.

    1. I guess so..
      Hopefully someone take interest in these plants and thank you for your thoughtfulness in accepting the offer.
      Very much appreciated.


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