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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Make Over - Progress

I'm actually telling myself that I'm going to write
a "light & easy" posting here.
Hopefully I might just able to do that.

You see - it was really not easy for me this time.
Compared to many other yearly make-overs
this one in particular was not easy.
I guess the pictures would substitute the most of my "talking"
and so - perhaps I might just let that be the emphasise for now.

The Purple Queen is all so tidy and perfect in their own little pots.
Earlier they had crawled all over.

Managed to get another 3 small pots of EarthStar Bromeliad for RM10 from Sg.Buloh Nursery to add to this collection.
And another thing:
Snails just love to snug below the leaves.
The eggshells keeps the snails away from the plant.

Glued the tortoise this time.
Always end up lost or missing whenever I water or rains.

Any help in their ID is greatly appreciated.
(all the plants below)

I had rescued this bromeliad last year from a dump.
It was truly in a bad shape until it got stabilised as I nurture it to its best display.

I guess this is a Neoregelia.
Can anyone help me identify what actually this might be?
(I haven't seen its flower yet)

From far end to front:
a) Necklace orchid
b) Ground Orchid - Spathoglottis Plicata
c) Walking Stick Iris
d) Bromeliad

I had added 2 more air plants to my collection together with my Spanish Moss.
Not really sure of their names.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I have totally no clue with this one.
I tried propagate this silvery vine but failed few times.
Anyone knows how to propagate this plant?

This one is not so hardy.
When it goes without water on a very hot day
- it tend to dry up paper crisp.
Still it does seemed robust and gives a nice cascading look.

Thanks for the help concerning the ID of the plant.


  1. beautiful plants :-)
    the silvery tillandsia, my first guess would be a cacticola and the hanging plant looks like a Dichondra

  2. The silvery vine is, I believe, a Dichondra, probably a cultivar of D. argentea.

    The last one reminds me of Iresine herbstii except for being green and yellow -- I'm pretty sure there are green and yellow varieties of it, but I couldn't find pictures that looked like your plant. It also sort of looks like an Alternanthera.

  3. I really like your Purple Queens. This year, I look forward for more frequent updates from your garden. Wishing you and wife Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Excellent work on the make-over. The tortoise really cute.

  5. It would be so wonderful to grow the plants from your garden in Michigan USA; they are beautiful. Alas, the plants in your garden would only survive if planted in pots and kept inside my home.

    Thank you very much for the kind words left on the 'My Gardens' page of Gardens Inspired, James. To answer your question, I do know that Hibiscus is a tropical plant. The ones I have were bred to be hardy in Michigan USA, some of them reaching 5-6 feet tall (150-180 cm). Plants in our garden are hardy to a temperature of -15F degrees (-26C).

    Would all of our plants survive in the tropics? I think many of them would; especially if provided with enough water. It wouldn't hurt to try to grow a few of them but I am certain you can grow a variety of hibiscus in Malaysia; it is a beautiful plant. ~Debra

  6. You have beautiful collection of leaf plants! I like you purple queen too!
    SOrry I'm not good in plant ID ;)

  7. Hi James! Well done and I love your new arrangement a lot. Wonderful combination of pink, purple and green. That plant looks like the bromeliad that I am growing, Neoregelia carolinae. The centre will turn bring pink when in bloom. The silver vine is a Dichondra silver fall. To propagate, try layering method instead. The last one is a Asystasia cultivar. I love its pretty variegated leaves. Happy gardening :-D

  8. Gone Tropical - Thank you so much on the ID.
    I believe it is very much as what you mentioned.

    Mr. Subjunctive - Thanks.
    Your info was a great help to me.
    The thing is I doubt it is Alternanthera sp.
    Alternanthera have a hard stem and in most cases flowers. This one had cascading stem and never blooms.
    Thanks again - at least I can enjoying researching this Dichondra plant.

    Belle - The garden make-up progress had been slow during these past few days.
    Hope I would able to finish it what I visualised.
    Happy Valentine to you and your loved ones too.

    Kadazan Girl - Thanks.
    Plan to have more ornament this time.

    Debra - Thanks for visiting my garden blog.
    There are lots of hibicus growing in my region.
    I had one but didn't survive due to lack of sunlight and mealy bug infestation.
    My garden is very much goes in the direction of shaded area garden.
    Sunlight is very limited due to the fact I'm staying on a hillside.

    Malar - I guess its because I'm staying in a shaded area and the sunlight is limited - my span of plants are very much coloured foliage.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  9. James I think that Purple colour is just so intense and makes for a lovely contrast with the earthstars in the cluster of pots.

  10. Rosie - I totally agree with you.
    The colour contrast was on my best interest in bringing out colours in my garden.


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