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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hanging Flowering Plants.

I'm always feeling good when I see these blooms, sort of never regret having them in my garden. Their blooms are so immaculately white with the bursting of red lips. Once they established, there is nothing to worry about except occasionally watering & feeding. I had seen some of these in the wild & abandoned areas where they bloom profusely. Guess this one behaves orderly when planted in a pot.

Above all, I'm very much excited to see my Firecracker plant (Russelia Equisetiformis) bloom.
It was quite some time to see them bare ( without leaves or blooms) and sort of feeling a little disappointed, especially rescuing this plant growing by the drain side.
What more, this flowers are known to attract nectar loving creatures and I'm hoping to see more sunbirds visiting my garden. Currently the Flame Violets been sustaining the regular visiting birds. Yet to see if they make any difference with this one blooming.

It's been a week since they started blooming. Hope they continue blooming for a very long time.


  1. Your bleeding vine is gorgeous. I haven't seen the actual plant. I have the second one. Humming birds are attracted to it.

  2. I kept trimming my bleeding vine to make it into a small standing plant, don't want it hanging a a vine :)

  3. You have reds blooming in your garden James. Love to see the Bleeding Hearts vines, all whites and at the tips the red flowers! So lovely..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What a profuse bloomer that bleeding heart is!
    ( I spelled something wrong, that is why I deleted my first comment.)

  6. James, I am amazed by the size of the bleeding heart blooms! Wonderful job :-D Love your firecracker also. Have a great week!

  7. Bleeding Hearts, wow, that's a lovely cluster of blooms. The name is aptly for the flower as the red part is only found on the tips of the blooms. How unique.

  8. The firecracker plant is really fantastika!.... everything else is like needles; stem, leaves and branches, but the radiant red flowers come out nice and big, compared to the rest. Oh, you look after them well...

  9. your bleeding heart flowers look so healthy, at last you will not be depressed anymore for not producing lovely blooms. Whatever behaves nicely in your area, you should keep, meaning they like that condition.

  10. One - Have you seen the birds attracted to the flowers? I really wish to see that happen in my garden.

    Cina.fong - Do they give out blooms when trimmed in a small standing size? For what I noticed they seemed to spread the vine first before blooming.

    Chandran, Rosey & J.c. - They are so lovely, the bloom unexpectedly, adding to the garden surprise.

    Stephanie - I'm amazed too, very much tempted to cut the flower and place it in a vase but resisted the temptation as more buds are still appearing for new blooms.

    Bangchik - You are so right, no one would have guess a needle-like plant suddenly produce these bells like flowers.

    Andrea - Yeah, the factor of depression and getting fed-up when none blooms sounds so true. I guess that's why they bloom profusely as an added bonus to please the gardener. hahahaa...
    Thank you all for the lovely comments.

  11. James it was great to see the real size of those flowers by having your hand in the picture otherwise I would never have realised how big they were. I hope you get to see plenty of sunbirds visiting now.

  12. I have seen this flowers before but never known it names. Did not know that they can grow very well in hanging pot as well must be flourishing under you TLC.

  13. Bleeding vine? Now I know its name! Thank you! It's beautiful, indeed! I love the color and the shape. I wish it could grow here!

  14. Cheers to your bleeding heart vine aka nono makan sirih. Nowadays, not many people grow them anymore. I haven't seen a single plant in my housing enclave. James, I think the sunbirds come to my garden because of the heliconia and ginger plants. I have also seen the bottle brush shrubs attracting some beautiful birds.

  15. I'm new to your blog and looking forward to reading your posts. Beautiful bleeding heart vine I didn't do so well with mine last year because it got too much sun! I love meeting new gardeners from other parts of the world. Have a great week!

  16. Hi your blog is very informative. It is a ready reckoner for knowing plants botanical names. Great blog Best wishes

  17. Rosie - Yeah, that is my scaling factor - using my hands to identify the actual size.

    Malay-Kadazan Girl - They really don't need so much TLC, seemed to be more like a jungle like plant/creeper.

    Tatyana - I think they should be able to grow there - sort, of a hardy plant I think.

    Autumn Belle - Yes, yes.. Nona makan sirih. This one is sort of a herbal leaf. And totally agree with heliconia & ginger, the only setback I face is that all my plants are growing in pots and these don't do so well in pot.

    Priscilla & Anandhirajan - You are most welcome, Thank you for your lovely comment. Hope to hear from you more often.


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