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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fragrant Flowers in My Garden

Its been ages since I remember when my Rose Jasmine bloomed. Also known as Grand Duke of Tuscany (Jasminum Sambac). Somehow I have decided to prune, fertilise and pay attention to this one until it blooms - and yes, it had rewarded me a glorious flower just after a week of attention. If you notice the flower somehow seemed to fastened strong compared to the regular jasmine flowers (where those flowers easily detach once the bloom is spend or dry up)

Its been raining strong these few days and so this one had seen the good days. The flower now had turned brown but still attached to the stalk.

The fragrance is so majestic, seemed to be more fresher than the regular jasmine. Have you felt a sense of refreshing, rejuvenating? Only that - it happens together with the regular jasmine scent. This is the added advantage compared to the regular jasmine bloom scent.

This one is my Orange Jasmine (Murraya Paniculata). I had relocated it to the shaded area. The raindrops seemed to be more merciful compared to the earlier location (where the raindrops whips the bloom to shreds!!!) Even the leaves seemed glossier. I had pruned just as the same time with my Rose Jasmine. Its just mesmerising to sense and enjoy both of these jasmine bloom scent together.
Truly this scent is so similar to the frangipani blooms. (Plumeria)

Something had gone wrong with my Ylang-ylang plant (Cananga Odorata),
the flower buds seemed to drop before the bloom.
Anyone can tell me what went wrong?

Finally my Water Jasmine (Wrightia Religiosa),
I had pruned all the branches and new shots with lots of tiny flower blooms are sprouting out..
Just can't wait to see the glory of this flowers again..


  1. Love fragrant flowers a lot! Your rose jasmine is beautiful! I wonder why white flowers tend to be very fragrant, like jasmines, lilies etc.

  2. Jasminum Sambac is one plant that has failed me badly. Since the day it was brought back from the nursery it has given me a few miserable blooms. I am inspired by your tips. I shall give one more attempt to coax it to bloom. Thanks!

  3. Sorry can't help you on that. Perhaps too much water?

    Love that Rose Jasmine. Looks more like a rose than a jasmine. I can even smell its nice fragrance from here now ha ha... i love to pass by a jasmine bush. Yes, the scent is really refreshing :-D

    Your garden must be smelling really good now. Enjoy these wonderful blooms and have a great week James!

  4. I agree with Stephanie. That Rose Jasmine looks more like a Rose than Jasmine. But I guess it smells more like a Jasmine than a Rose, right? Do you propagate this plant via seed or stem?

  5. You have a quite nice collection of fragrant flowers. That Rose Jasmine looks so beautiful! Sorry about your ylang-ylang. Hope somebody else can help you identify the issue. I have heard so many nice things about this plant, but not able to see one in person yet.

  6. Hi, James. I love the Grand Duke of Tuscany! But it doesn't want to flower much for me, either. I've also got the Murraya, but its scent isn't as sweet as citrus blossom (another all time favourite). I lost a large ylang ylang tree in a hurricane but I've replaced it with a "dwarf," which really means that it grows very, very, very slowly. Still at three feet, it's putting out its lovely blossoms. Scented flowers are one of the very best things about a tropical garden, aren't they.


  7. That rose jasmine is gorgeous, and what an impressive name for this beautiful plant. The most fragrant in my garden is the murraya paniculata, so I'll look out for ylang-ylang and the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

  8. James when I first viewed the photo of your rose jasmine I thought that it looked very similar to the flower from a gardenia. I never realised that there were so many different types of Jasmine and I'm glad that you've finally got a bloom on that rose one. The scent in your garden must be overwhelming in the evenings.

  9. Hi I'm your newest follower! The jasmine is really both pretty and fragrant! We call this "double jasmine" LOL because of the many layers of petals! I only have the Thai Jasmine in a pot and it is already more than 6ft tall! You have quite a number of plants! My garden is similar to yours, all in pots and containers except for a few plants. Will be visiting you again, have a nice day!
    p/s: I am following as "kitchen flavours", unable to post my url as "(my little potted garden)at the follower section!

  10. Aaron - I guess white pigments seemed to reflect a greater spectrum of the ultra-violet light compared to other colours and probably colour pigments requires a lot more of energy to create compared to whiter ones. My guess is white seemed to be a universal colour for fragrant flowers.

    Elsie - There are some beautiful plants in your garden that thrive so well but had miserablly failed in my garden - So, I guess we all are in a learning process of trials and error.

    Stephanie - Guess its a season for fragrance flowers now in my garden.

    One - its totally jasmine, there is no seed for this - so, its stem cutting. I have manage to replant the pruned ones, so far they seemed to be alive (for now)

    Ami - Hope you manage to get your hands on this plant - Its really worth it. I had fallen in love with this flower everytime it blooms - its more durable than rose, especially the petals.

    Penny - Very sorry to hear about your lost plants. Do try to revive the jasmine, a little pruning, fertilising and probably change of location might just do the trick.

    Belle - Good to know that the Orange Jasmine is blooming. Do give me some time to go and check out the contact number from the nursery I got it (ylang-ylang) from, been quite busy and raining most of the weekends in my place.

    Rosie - yes, its very similar to Gardenia & someday I wish I got that too in my garden.
    Its more like sweet memory type of scent rather than overwhelming in the evenings.

    Kitchen Flavours - Thank you so much for your support and following me in my garden blog, Will follow-up on your blog too.
    Do let me know if the Thai Jasmine has any fragrance.

  11. wow! the jasmine looks so pretty! You have many variety of jasmine i guess! I thought it was mose rose!
    I guess your garden smells good now!

  12. I wish this computer screen had sniffovision. I LOVE jasmine.

  13. Thanks Malar & Wendy - I wish that too, having the sniffovision - then I can sniff around many of the blogs with their flowers attached to it too (lol)

  14. Hi James,
    Im inviting you this gardening game, your post has to tell who invited you, then list down 10 things you love to do, and lastly invite 10 other bloggers to the game. Have fun!

  15. I love your rose jasmine! It is so pure and gorgeous. I love its beauty and I can’t resist looking at it for long. I also missed my rose iceberg that died when total heat attacked here in our place.

  16. Wow! Your Murraya Panticula is lovely! I'm tempted to grow one but is it very unforgiving with light?

    Alfredo, Singapore

  17. Alfredo, Singapore
    Murraya Panticula needs good sunlight for it to bloom, the can manage well as in partial light but the best is full sun.


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