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Welcome to My Little Garden
Welcome to My Little Garden

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Look

This is my new look for the Year 2010.
No new plants but somehow I'm glad that I'm able to maintain all my existing plants from those previous years. Its a little difficult to keep them in constant state as to determine one do not overgrow or mature & die.

So far so good.

Well, I will let the plants to speak for itself.
Hope you enjoy them.


  1. Wow .. congratulations! I like the new look. It inspires me to redo mine.

    BTW, thanks for the plant identification at my blog. I updated the post with your info. You surely know a lot about plants. Thanks again.

  2. It looks fabulous. I'm envious of those Begonias.

  3. Hello James,

    I love the contrast of colors between the purple/red leaves with the green leaves. I also like that many pots are red as well, which show off the green plants so well.

  4. i love how you are keeping that spanish moss tillandsia! does that go indoors for the winter?

  5. Well done! This change is remarkable!! I really like the way you display those pebbles too. I notice you put some in trays... clever idea! No messy pebbles here and there and can store some water to provide moisture :-D

    Btw, some of your plants are difficult plants for me. Dracaena just don't like my hot garden. They do not do well in my garden.

    I notice you have an apple there... cute addition? ha ha...

  6. PS: Sorry it's cordyline that does not do well in my garden.

  7. Blossom - Thank you for your compliment, do let me know if you are remodeling your garden, its surely be exciting.

    Barry - Some begonias are hardy, as these are sitting in my garden. There are much more pretty ones which are quite sensitive. I would be very envious too if I can master them in my garden. (lol)

    Noelle - What red/purple plant?
    I've been scrolling up & down to find that out.
    Im guessing you are referring to the Begonias?

    J.J. - I do not experience winter, its 24/7 everyday summer here in the tropics. The Spanish Moss do take a lot of care - watering everyday because of humidity.

    Stephanie - I guess that is the strange thing about gardening - What grows well in your garden doesn't do so well in mine.
    One thing about pebbles is when they get washed out, they seemed to be everywhere. Hope these hold for sometime.

    The apple figurine had been with me for sometime. Do scroll all the way down to see the landscape pictures of my overall garden at the bottom of the page.

  8. Hortist - Thank you for your lovely comment.

  9. Your garden looks refreshed now. I really really like your hanging Spanish moss.

  10. Neat! Variegated and dark red leaves definitely add a "wow" to the place. Different shapes, heights, textures and colors creat a very nice composition. Good job, James!

  11. It looks terrific~~~ amazing work you have accomplished. Keep it up. I am needing to go take care of some of my houseplants , they are looking sad ... to much blogging.

  12. Thank you Belle, Tatyana & Rosey for your lovely comments. Appreciate it very much.

  13. Wow! James, I'm truly impressed, you've done a great job in creating a lovely cosy garden spot! So many kinds of plants to admire and pleasingly arrange to its best advantage...love it all, especially the Spanish Moss is simply fantastic! We've grown this before but it just dried up and withered 'cos we didn't do a search to provide best care...humph!


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