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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never Never Plant.

No, really..
That's the name of the plant. I too was puzzle why such a name. Well, who should I question concerning this issue? Probably there must be a big disagreement between few experts and they may have such a great disagreement that the have decided "Never never discuss about it"
And probably when they cannot come to an agreement - they might say -
"Lets discuss about the plant that we "never never agreed upon" and I guess they might had finally agree to disagree to mutually call it - Never never plant?
(Who knows?)

When I first found this, (you guessed it correctly again - another rescued plant) It was all burned with damaged foliage and there was nothing except some little tubers dangling together with broken stalks. It was terrible dehydrated and somehow it was a "never never moment" kindathing.

I guess it was planted where it got good sunlight and so it was much darker with contrasting white, as it grew gracefully it started to give a softer green - sort of graceful green with whites.
I have seen another species of this kind where its known as a tricolor where it has a red back.
(Similar to the Chinese Croton) That one must be a prized one as I rarely notice it in many gardens.

This Never never plant (Maranta arundinacea)
Comes from the Marantas family (closely resemble the prayer plant & peacock plant)
Thanks to Andrea for help concerning the description of this plant.
More details of this plant can be found here: Maranta arundinacea

This is a pretty plant with variegated colours to keep in the garden. They just add more colour and beauty in the midst of many other variegated plants.


  1. Hello James, the leaves are beautiful. Variegated leaves always stands out among other foliage plants. I do not have this plant but it is definitely a nice addition in any garden and especially for yours now. Btw, glad to know that the earlier plant was Chinese croton after all :-D

  2. James, this is a pretty "Never Never plant" I have not heard of that name.Every leaf seems to show a different pattern which is unusual. I grow Marantas and I do appreciate them. Their interesting patterns, brush strokes look very beautiful and generally they are quite tough. I have on species which is quite a bit a nuisance as it increases so quickly with underground rhizomes.

  3. James, I actually saw your "never-never plant" at Lowe's last weekend! I remembered your mention of the name in one of my previous post comments, though here it was merely labelled "tropical foliage" as I find often at Lowe's. It looked very much like a green-and-white version of stromanthe. It so would have come home with me if I had the money that day.

  4. Nothing is better than rescuing an otherwise neglected plant and giving it a good home. It is beautiful.

  5. John

    We had this plant in a planted arrangement along with white cyclamen and white Kalanchoe at Christmas time and none of us had a clue what it was - now I know!

  6. I like the colour tone and mix of this never never plant. It is added to my wanted list for my garden now. You are certainly a kind hearted soul, a plant saviour!

  7. I love the variegated foliage. It add so much interest and texture to the garden. Maybe someone can come up with an actual name for it??

  8. Hi, James. Your plant looks like a calathea or a maranta. There are lots of cultivars with lots of different variegations. Whatever it is, it's very pretty.

    About half the plants in my garden have been found and rescued. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to save things that others have thrown out. Not to mention it saves a great deal of money!

  9. Another good rescue! The plant seems very happy in your corner of the garden. I love the variegated foliages on a plant as well. Beautiful job!

  10. Your comments convinced me. And your photos of that fab foliage just sealed the deal. Nice plant.

  11. Sorry James, i think i lost my comments, please delete one if 2 will enter.

    I said that is the difficulty if the scientific names are not used, because each person can give any name to any plant. That is actually a Maranta arundinacea, a variegated type of the common arrowroot, whose rhizomes can be used for extracting starch and made into biscuits. You can try this reference. http://www.greenculturesg.com/articles/june06/june06_marantaceae2.htm

  12. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and also thank you Andrea - will check on the link for the plant information.
    Really appreciate all of your thoughts.

  13. Nice profile! I would love to find the non variegated form for sale so i could grow arrowroot

  14. I had another variety of Maranta, and it was not an easy plant to grow inside (heated air, etc.) Yours is truly beautiful!


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